Aliens : Colonial Marines

THIS is what AVP should have been.


I hope this is actually scary

Maybe if you’re 12…

reminds me of the mw3 trailer
“rhino actual!”

ye, modern warfare made radios and weapons etc

AVP 1 was scary as fuck when I was 12. Then I played it again last year…and yep, it was still scary as fuck.

I’d like to see this game do something as moody as that one. The second one was a lot less scary, and the ‘reboot’ from last year was just a POS.

Gearbox has the benefit of not having to make essentially 3 games in one like those ones did, so they’d better not screw up.

I like that they added a rail and actual sights to the M41. This game is gonna be too fucking good. I can’t remember the last time there was an FPS title that focused primarily on its campaign.

Campaign coop in an Aliens game.


I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS that looks AMAZING. Way better than AvP.





sorry im excited :slight_smile:

Call of Duty 2.

I’m wishing hard that this will be the game I always wanted.

Portal 2, Deus Ex 3, F3AR, Space Marine…

Space marines is a TPS title. Close enough.

Man, that game made me feel like a man.

I’m pretty excited. Aliens>Predator.

A game that I think would be absolutely awesome, would be one where you play as an Alien, on a ship like the first movie with eight or so people, and where the main goal of the story/Campaign is just to kill all the people without getting killed yourself, and all the development time was put towards making the most realistic, interactive AI and diverse voice acting as possible, while making the play area as detailed and interactive as possible.

So that while the campaign may only take a few hours to beat successfully, it will always be completely different from the last playthrough, with lots of different ending cinematics depending on who survives when you die(if you die).

Yeah, I had that idea a while ago. But I think it would work better as a DLC or a game-mode - not a standalone game.

I would love to see someone pull that off though.

Make it more like Aliens before the place is overrun and I’m in.

Make it coop in a setting like the colony and I’m in even more.

Make it coop of aliens versus coop colonists (that have to get actual colonizing done while fighting off alien attacks) and I’m so up in that bitch it will have my xenomorph babies.

This actually looks pretty awesome.

Yup, I would like to try it.

The animation on character, gun and first person movement look awesome.

“coming this friday at gamespot” wat


Predator is fag for being a stalker.

Predator in old AlienvrsPredator and second one was really nice and badass.
But Predator in new AlienvrsTanks it’s like:
Oh well, this invisible [email protected] is roaring again. Where is my AIMBOTmg42-thingy? :confused:
Oh well, this is that jumping armoredasshole, Let’s eat him doh.

Just not scary at all.

Oh wait, new AvP is not scary overall, so.