Amatuar Video with a Drift HD and Phone Camera


A couple of friends and myself filmed a video and edited it together in a couple days, that consists of a short intro scene to a “Live” performance of two songs.

The cameras we used were an HD Drift action camera (A knock off GoPro) and my buddy used his phone camera. The Drift HD recorded in 720p at 60 FPS while my buddy's phone recorded 1080p HD at 23.976 FPS. All edited in Adobe Premiere 

 The intro was all done with the phone camera. The performances used a AKG C214 Microphone for the audio. I used Reaper to boost the levels of *all* audio including the phone's audio for the intro skit deal. I didn't get fancy with automation or anything. We were on limited time.



That was definitely better than I expected.

The intro has no audio on the right channel and felt unnecessary. The guitar work was good and your vocals were pretty much on point, though I do think you should learn how to breathe and manage air properly.

You say you filmed in 720p and 1080p. Why does it look like it was filmed with a calculator?



The resolution on this video is 360. Could you perhaps upload the higher resolution copy?



I give that a thumbs up! The only thing I really didn’t care for was the ending of Waves. It just didn’t seem to fit at all with the song and felt forced. I would rethink that part and create something that reflects the actual feelings of the song to end with.



Thank you for the input CPU. I agree. I cringed at that part after it was posted on YouTube. If we revisit this video we will cut it off early and just fade out. I was being silly because we (everyone involved in the filming) were standing there after the song all awkward like. Had to break it up some how. =)

acade! =) it looks like it was filmed using a calculator because none of know what we are doing. Simple honest truth. It will be improved in our next video. Thank you for the input.