Animation Showcase!

Hey everyone! I’m Andy, aka. Wolf.
I’m a 3d animator of roughly 8 years off and on, worked with several engines and several mods, with the last year and a half being dedicated to polishing up at
Essentially the mentors there are currently active animators in the industry teaching the students in their spare time, my last mentor worked on Avatar,Men In Black 3 and Amazing Spider-Man! I certainly can honestly say I thought I knew a lot about animating untill I started this school and became like a total nub again, but my skills have really sky rocketed because of the school teaching me the right way to animate! I did some contributor work for TripWire Interactive Studios back in 2005 for Red Orchestra, it was a contracted work cycle which was quiet awesome working with them to push RO out for lunch on steam :smiley:

As an Animator, and any other animator can say, we love and NEED feedback at all times. We work on our animations so long and so much that we really don’t see our own flaws anymore and need an audience to tell us rather what we are doing as either an acting piece, and idle cycle,running,jumping,talking, ect ect is selling. Does it look right, what’s off about it, does it look natural, is there anything uncanny about it ect ect.

And thus, I would love to get feedback on my recent and, yes, even my old work!

Peace for now everyone :freeman: