Anime/Manga Thread


Welcome to the NHK must have the world’s darkest beach episode. What the fuck.


That was such a good ark though.


Yeah, it’s a great series. But geez, this gets depressing. Hits kinda close to home, too.


That’s what I keep hearing about NHK. It’s in my backlog atm.

I just finished Blood Lad. It was a fun series. I also watched Rosario + Vampire - all of it, for some reason, and somehow I liked it - Nekomonogatari Kuro, Date A Live, and the second season of Valvrave. When I binge anime, I binge anime.


Finished “Welcome to the N.H.K.”

I’m depressed that it’s over, but that was probably the most consistently well written, heartstring pulling, realistic, superlative defyingly great anime I’ve ever watched. The ending in particular was just downright perfect.


It was certainly good but in my opinion the latter fourth of the series kinda loses it for me. I found his psychotic hallucinations of talking appliances and stuff to be kind of unnecessary and out of place. The story would have been more clear and focused without the awkward complication. And it really pissed me off that [COLOR=’#191919’]the love interest gets NO fucking resolution or development after all the teasing that’s done EARLY in the series. The love interest has got to be one of my favorites from any anime. She’s cute/10. One of my housemates looks like her, but is disappointingly the least talkative or sociable person I have ever met. And has a buff equally unsociable and taciturn boyfriend.


I loved that it ended so ambiguously. It made the series feel so much more real and close to home. Successful romance would be “too dramatic for people like us.” So few movies have the balls to do something like that. I think “The Graduate” was the only thing that came to mind, but granted it’s almost 3am when I’m typing this.

The manga apparently has where the series and novel ended as the half-way mark and goes to a more concrete “they get together” ending, but they go through a lot more hardship to get there. I would certainly want to read the manga at some point, though, considering the high quality and stellar writing of the anime.


Just ran through my anime collection (sparse right now because I ran out of space on my last HDD and deleted some of my less liked series right before I got a new 2TB, so sad) and gave nearly every one a custom icon. Looks pretty snazzy and actually makes navigating easier.

Images obtained here, they’re kinda annoying because they’re all .pngs and you have to use photoshop with an .ico plugin to convert them but it’s not too bad. Also the obnoxious taggers on folderbooru have this stupid system where half the time they literally tag every single feature of the image EXCEPT the series it came from. Going to make some .icos for the few I didn’t find online, will post them on folderbooru, intelligently tagged.


That is a really good idea. I should make up a set of those for the ones I have on my HDD.


I might have RAIDed myself a 6TB volume specifically because my old data drive was running out of space for anime. Maybe.


Teach me oh master.


I don’t keep the shit on my PC or I’d need to do that too. Realistically how much time do you have to watch gb up to gb of shows. Even that folder you have would be a massive time sink if you sat down to watch all of it.


Well, I actually have watched every series in there at least once, except for one or two that I’m in the middle of. And a significant number of those I’ve given to friends and/or watched multiple times, which justifies saving the files.

My anime list.


Being able to pass on the files is nice I suppose. I’d porbably do it if I lived somewhere with bandwidth caps.


Somebody I know came over today and her nine-year-old daughter asked to borrow Madoka Magica. Yeah, that’s gonna go well. [color=‘BLACK’]episode 3


You… You didn’t let that happen, did you?
Please tell me you didn’t let that happen.


I hope it did.


I also hold on to most of my anime because I want to seed the torrents. Torrents for really great anime can get unhealthy fast after they stop airing. I only usually get rid of the real garbage or stuff that had terrible audio/video quality.


Kill la Kill is supposed to be the new anime to watch, or so I’ve heard. I gave it a try since it’s made by some guys that worked on Gurren Lagann (which is probably my second favorite anime) and have been watching the episodes once every week or so.

The first fourteen episodes or so are ridiculous. The story is bizarre. The characters are a bit one-dimensional and very archetypal (though I enjoy that kind of thing). The fights are awesome, and there is a great deal of humor to be had, but a lot of that stems from how outlandish the plot is, how zany some of the characters are, and how ridiculous the script is at times. The story just gets served to you in single heaping helpings, a thick heavy porridge of dialogue coming forth in a slurry, quickly moving through and covering events, names, places, and things. After these contained scenes, the show gets back to the action. For episodes at a time.

But, just now, I watched the second to most recent episode. I dunno if this is the beginning of part two or something, but the quality of literally everything jumped up a notch. The story has now been fully explained and, while no less outlandish, makes sense in a weird kind of way that the creators definitely brought over from their previous work.

Like…do you remember how, in Gurren Lagann, you had this great power that everyone was using and you weren’t sure what it was, but it didn’t matter and you didn’t think they’d explain it? And then you find out about Spiral Energy and it seems ridiculous and insane? But by the end of the show you find yourself rationalizing everything and realizing that, hey, this show is actually plausible given a universe where Spiral Energy were real? Kill la Kill is kind of like that right now.


My interest in the show didn’t last past the first few episodes, but that’s interesting to hear. Might check out again if I get the time.