Anime/Manga Thread


Bumping to say SAO II came out today. They changed it from what the previews showed, I’m going to watch the first episode now.


I think the show I’m most interested in this season is Tokyo Ghoul. The manga is pretty sweet. The first episode was a bit underwhelming, though.

I’ve been trying Haibane Renmei. Shockingly low-quality animation. Gross, choppy anime animation interspersed with unnaturally smooth panning shots; it’s really bizarre. Also, I’ve watched three episodes, and nothing much seems to actually be happening.

I’m also watching Black Butler, which is an interesting show.


Black Butler is a great anime imo, but a lot of people hate the second season. I enjoyed it all haha

SAO season 2 is looking mighty fine, might I say. Same characters are back, but there’s a slightly more interesting problem than when Kirito had to save Asuna from her creepy molesting soon to be husband last time. I’m wondering what will come of it all.


Zankyou no Terror is currently airing and its first ep was pretty good.


I’ve started watching Knights of Sidonia. I didn’t realize it was all-CGI. What looks ok in traditional anime (15fps I think it is?) looks kinda weird in CGI, but I got used to it. It’s pretty good but I can’t help but notice so far that it’s basically Attack on Titan in space. It’s almost beat for beat (I’ll try to get too spoilery here):

In the future, people live in an enclosed environment (walled city/space station), to protect them from an enemy that have a habit of taking on human forms and eating people (titans/gauna). They haven’t seen this enemy in a very long time, but they suddenly encounter one and they receive a grim reminder that they live in fear of these giant foes. Thus begins a harrowing series where people you think are main characters die along with red-shirts by the dozen, and they fight their enemies using a melee weapon which for reasons is the only way to truly kill them.

So yeah. Still good though. I love in particular how one of the crew is a talking bear. No one acknowledges this and it’s not explained. She’s just there.


Tokyo E.S.P. could not possibly be more cliched, and yet I’m kind of enjoying it.


Tokyo ESP is ok, but make sure you watch Zankyou no Terror and Aldnoah.Zero is probably second in terms of shows that are good this season.


So Kirito has a light saber :retard:

I do like this second season so far though.


I feel that they’re gonna have a hard time having any tension. That scene where the new chick goes “how can he smile on the battlefield” was laughable. Its a video game if you can’t smile and have fun uninstall.


Well she does have some serious split personality/internet persona PTSD issues xD


Maybe I should give SAO another try. I got weirded out by Asuna’s creepy suitor guy and Kirito’s sister and stopped watching. Although, after that, I understand season 2 is a lot lighter and full of fluff? Which I’m not sure I’m real interested in…

Also finally got around to starting Cowboy Bebop. The first couple episodes have been pretty good, it’s not exactly what I expected, but not too far off either. I’m liking it.


Yeah, the incest thing is weird haha it’s still great in my opinion and well worth watching. And what do you mean full of fluff?


Its not full of fluff, its 4 eps in and they spent a lot of time introducing their new character, the conflict and reminding people of their empty and uninteresting romance between kirito and asuna. Its not like its been beach eps / fanservice its just been slow going.

SAO isn’t bad its just not even remotely close to as good as the anime community makes it out to be. It just panders to its audience. It setting is a video game, even as childish as it seems to me to fantasize about being good at video games the MC is power fantasy. Then there’s also the romance which I feel like I should stop making digs at people who watch anime since I’m one of them. There’s a lot worse but I personally wouldn’t recommend you put it high on your priorities.


Perhaps fluff is the wrong word, but I hear a lot of people don’t like the Fairy Dance arc. Apparently, it removes the unique angle of them being trapped in the game but the characters still act like the stakes are high, the villain is annoying and over the top, the incest subplot is weird and pointless, Asuna is reduced to a damsel in distress, the writing is awful…etc., etc.

But after that arc it apparently gets better. Sooo perhaps I’ll just try to power through Fairy Dance so I can get to the next part without missing anything. I really enjoyed the first arc (episodes 1-15 or so) and I’d like to see more of the same, it was just this pit of weirdness that I’ve not been wanting to go through to get to more good stuff.


Yeah, that particular arc isn’t as good as the first, but it’s still not as horrendous as some other anime .


A friend sent me this. I haven’t watched a single episode of this anime, but I keep meaning to, and this is helping me get around to watching it xD


I’m honestly not enjoying it. It’s a shame, because I’m really enjoying the manga right now. Kaneki’s voice actor stutters every single line and it’s really starting to piss me off.


I haven’t read the manga, but I did start the anime up. I agree about Kaneki’s VA, but I, still enjoying it personally. Wish I had a funimation account to help watch it xD it took forever to find a good source that is updated on the episodes.


Just started watching Psycho Pass on Netflix. It’s shaping up to be quite interesting.


Omae Umasou Da na.
Go watch it.