Anime/Manga Thread


No fuck that noise watch Ping Pong: The Animation. I totally forgot to mention it in this thread a few seasons ago, but its probably going to be my Anime of the Year. Its so fucking good and it came out of no where.


Watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

I think I’ve finally decided to break down and try Strike Witches, too. You can only ignore girls with airplane legs for so long before you have to see what the fuck is going on.


Spice and Wolf.
Come for the cute wolf girl, stay for the economics lesson.


And then also don’t leave cause of the cute wolf girl.


Denki-gai no Honya-san is insanely enjoyable.


If you aren’t watching Parasyte / Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu you are fucking up.


I just finished Working!!, and I was ready to move on to the second season… then I discovered that what I watched was the second season.

That’s what happens when you call your first season Working!! and your second season Working’!!


Lol wat


The second season of “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai”(My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute) is called “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.”. That confused the shit out of me when I tried to find the first season to watch first.


Ping Pong: The Animation was very good. The series had spectacular character development except it suffered from a common problem in anime: the protagonist was the most bland and least developed character in the series.

I really liked how they used ping pong matches as a way to develop the losing player’s character instead of developing the winner’s character. Was much more interesting that way.


Spoliers[COLOR=‘Black’]He wasn’t bland. He was a timid kid who found joy in ping pong, his friend and hero showed him this joy. And he started to get obviously saddened or depressed by his hero losing is passion and drive for ping pong. Then his teacher gets him to play ping pong not for the reasons he wants to and becomes a monster. He finds no joy in it, its cold and uninteresting just a drive to win. When finally his hero appears again and remembers what ping pong meant to him and goes on to teach it to more children.
Sure he wasn’t as flashy as Peco, trans-formative as Kong or as imposing as Ryuuichi. His character was subdued but hardly bland or underdeveloped.


Anyone have a good place to read manga? Preferably free?

Also, Akame Ga Kill is a great anime, tho weirdly paced. Don’t watch it if you’re one of those people that hates when characters die tho, it has a lot of death. Like Game of Thrones basically, only in an anime.


If you just do a google of “read manga online” you’ll get a few results and they are all basically the same since its usually just one group that scans translates and typesets them. Other sites just reupload them. The one I used to have a preference for stopped hosting a lot of them because of copy right.


Yeah, that’s what happened to me as well.


Batoto is usually considered the cream of the crop for online manga-reading websites. If you use Chrome, you could also consider looking at the All Mangas Reader extension, which interfaces with various online manga hosts and keeps track of new chapters and stuff.

The only catch is that All Mangas Reader isn’t hosted in the Chrome web store because, even though it doesn’t strictly speaking do anything illegal, it sort of interfaces with and enables illegal content providers. And Google has been a real cunt about third party extensions in Chrome recently. You basically have to install Chrome Dev Channel in order to use them on Windows. (Granted, I use Dev Channel, and there’s nothing at all wrong with it.)


Started watching Arpeggio of Blue Steel. It’s not amazing but it’s pretty fun to watch. It looks really good for a CG anime. The story and setting is fairly interesting, if a bit odd. The characters range from just annoying to genuinely likable, though so far most of them are rather cookie-cutter and haven’t been fleshed out much yet. The battles are pretty cool though, and unlike a lot of anime where the heroes win just by trying harder, in Arpeggio the heroes actually plan their maneuvers and use tactics to outsmart their enemies. There’s some fanservice here and there but it’s not as egregious as some shows.

Also I’m not sure why but I really like their explanation for why the ships have all taken form as human women: because [color=’#191919’]humans refer to ships as female. It sounds like a flimsy excuse to have a harem-esque anime, and yet at the same time it’s actually quite believable in the context of the show.


I just finished reading Wakusei no Samidare, or Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. And man, am I wrung out. That is a masterfully done manga, and it takes you on quite a little journey.


Watched Psycho Pass 2. I thought the revelation of why the main villain was able to so thoroughly defeat Sybil’s judgement process was disbelief-breaking in terms of it’s medical practicality, but it still performed the narrative function of dissecting Sybil’s judgement system and asking some really big questions. Can’t wait for the movie!


Season 2 wasn’t bad but it just straight up wasn’t as good as the first though.


new animated movie for GITS in celebration for 25 years of GITS ! And it seems to be coming from the guys responsible for the OVA Arise. I’m not sure if I should start crying or laughing… Arise was pretty meh… not saying all of it was bad, but it brought nothing new to the table, animations were sometimes a bit murky and what flabbergasted me way more than the new character designs was the missing characterization. We were told we get to know the history of the characters, which was partly true for Motoko, but I hoped that the other’s would get it as well, but nah…

And did you hear that ScaJo’s in on the list for the live adaption ? Part of me wants to join the raging otakus and part of me wants to wait and see how it actually turns out.

Any recommendations that go into cyberpunk direction ?
Lately finished Black Lagoon as manga. Was ok, sometimes a little over the top.