Anime/Manga Thread


Finished Gurren Lagann today. That was a fuckin’ adventure if I ever saw one


Hey, shout out to my favorite anime! The final battle is so perfect. Also, it’s one of the few anime that actually feel like a proper ending, no loose ties and strong resolve. I want to say I would love to see more, but the ending was so perfect I want it to be untouched or just share the universe of a different show. But if you haven’t seen it already, I’d recommend Kill la Kill to you; it’s by pretty much the same team in a new studio after some big debacle with Gurren Lagann team’s parent company, Gainax. Kill la Kill isn’t as grandiose as Gurren Lagann, but hot damn is it awesome.

Also update on Clannad: After Story, I finished it, and oh geez.

The apology/sunflower field scene with Ushio in 18 was absolute murder of my soul. Like, just brutal slaughter. The show is legitimately terrifying to me though, as it feels very real. Like, it makes you think about the ones you care and makes me legit frightened about what if I lost them. If I was Tomoya I wouldn’t know what to do, losing all that you hold dear must be something that doesn’t leave you ever. Now I’m learning Dango Daikazoku on piano because I love that song so much. Actually I love the whole OST for it really. Certainly quite a few quality tracks.

But… uh… if you’ve ever felt a slither of care towards another person in your life, I’d recommend Clannad and Clannad: After Story. It really has a strong reminder of why it’s important to appreciate the people close to you. It’s one of those rare things that feel like there’s real emotion behind the characters, the story, and everything, rather than something representative of real emotion(if that makes any sense).

So, I watched through Anohana and liked that a lot. Makes me excited for Kiznaiver, as it’s being written by the same person that wrote the Anohana anime adaption I think(and paired with TRIGGER Studio’s amazing animation it’s a match made in the feels heaven).

Also, does anyone know where to find a translation of the manga Toaru Hikuushi e no Yasoukyoku? It’s the sequel to Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (aka The Pilot’s Love Song) and I can’t seem to find any translations of it anywhere,which is disappointing since I loved The Pilot’s Love Song and The Princess and the Pilot a lot.


Clannad is great and I’ve been trying to convince one of my roommates to watch it with me for a while now, but he got a spoiler through a google autocomplete and I have to wait for him to totally forget about it first. :frowning:


Whoa, how did I not see this when it came out weeks ago?


Yep, I’m fuckin hyYYYYYPE


it does look like Koichi has blue hair there tho. Not sure if I like that, I prefer the blonde.

That said, the colors in the series are almost as consistent as in an acid trip.


A few months passed since I’d watched Angel Beats, decided to rewatch it thinking I could probably take it this time.

Still cried like a little bitch at the last episode. I had to punch a wall to regain manliness.


I finished up the first cour of Shirobako recently. It was an excellent watch. A light workplace drama/slice of life about a handful of young women finding their way in the Anime industry, but not at all the cliche’d My Little Sister Can’t Be A Bestselling Mangaka!?! type of show.


He’ll probably go blond when he acquires Echoes.


After rewatching it you should try anime Charlotte (from the same creators) …highly recommend


Already watched Charlotte, it was nice but it wasn’t as good as Angel Beats, also the fucking ending with the MC traveling around the world was ridicolously stupid and rushed..


IDK I´ve enjoyed Charlotte … but true, Angel Beats was far better


Jesus, what is it lately with magical girl stuff going completely crazy?

(Spoilers for Prisma Illya)


That’s not mahou shoujo being crazy. That’s Nasu being crazy.


Nasu didn’t write Kaleid Liner tho, I kind of was expecting it to go on as a regular magical girl thing, but I probably shouldn’t expect that. Nasuverse is gonna Nasuverse, no matter the writer it seems.


I still find it weird the way colorized and translated JoJo parts are sorted right now. I’m no expert, but

-We’ve got English translations of every chapter.

-We’ve got Japanese-text colorizations of every chapter.

-You could basically make English color chapters by cutting and pasting all the text from one to the other.

-We’ve only got color translated pages for all of parts 1, 3, 4, and 6, while 2, 5, 7, and 8 have the early chapters and endings done, but nothing in between?

How the fuck does that work? Why would you not just put them in chronological order?

I wouldn’t care so much if I weren’t currently trying to understand what the fuck part 5 is even about while coming off of a colored part 4’s high. Maybe this is just incentive for me to pay better attention in Japanese class.


Anybody here keeping up with the Nisekoi manga? It used to be the butt of jokes about no progression at all then suddenly story is picked up and gunned through.

RIP S. S. Haru and S. S. Tsugumi, those salt torpedoes were quite harsh. I expect a Shuu x Ruri chapter or two where they become a thing and then the final showdown of Chitoge and Onodera. Chitoge is the obvious best girl though. Onodera is like alright, but kinda boring. #TeamChitoge

I’m hoping there’s a Season 3 of the anime coming though. It’s fairly popular I believe, so I wouldn’t be suprised. However, I hope it’s more like the first season where it’s not a 12 episode season and actually covers the smaller chapters a bit more.

Also Fairy Tail has been really good recently. After the stellar Tartaros Arc, the current manga arc is keeping up the pace. The anime’s been really good too with it’s adaptation of FT Zero.

But it saddens me that the manga seems to be coming really close to the ending. I’m calling it ending on August 2 since Google said it started on August 2, 2006. 10 years would would be a good ending point for sure.


Damn, first episode of new Jojo part already subbed on release day. So good. Shame about the Crazy Diamond name change, guess they couldn’t afford the rights.
Diamond is not Crash hype!


I was kinda confused by that too. Maybe when the BD release happens in a year or two they’ll have changed some things. We’ve already seen how different DIO’s world was from the TV broadcast in that regard


Space Patrol Luluco has the ED of the season.

Wow her voice.