Anime/Manga Thread


I question whether a voice like that is actually possible within the limits of human anatomy


New JoJo today was good. Fuck Angelo.

The new OP was actually kinda underwhelming. It was okay, but something about the CG of the previous ones made it feel more special, and the song itself is just less punchy, compared to even Bloody Storm.

It’s not bad, just not what I prefer compared to the previous OPs.


Finished JoJo Part 2 with Dad and Haley (and mom, I don’t know how much attention she was paying), but now that part 3 hasn’t got a dub yet, I’m not sure what to do. Haley can’t read the English subtitles in the Japan dub, and the 90’s OVA is just kind of awful?

The closest thing we could do when we watched One Punch Man was read the subtitles out loud, but that’s not a great solution for slightly obvious reasons


So if you get rid of the filler, does Naruto become an enjoyable series like DBZ does, or does it eventually go to crap anyway? because I’ve heard both said before and you guys tend to give pretty honest views of things in my experience.


It’s good, but the filler gets in the way honestly. On the bright side, a lot of the filler is obviously titled so you can skip it, at least as far as I’ve gotten.


Began watching JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure recently. Just got to Part II.
Excited to see if/when killing Nazis comes in.


About the same time as

you’ll see trust me[/size]




Don’t ask.
Just look…


I’ve been binge-reading Tsugumomo and it’s one of the best manga I’ve ever read. Extremely ecchi, though; you’ve been warned.





Golden Kamuy is 1/3 edutainment, 1/3 slice of life, and 1/3 gruesome war story. I recommend it.


Anyone watched Plastic Memories? Shit’s got me real down.

I’m gonna have to check this one out.


The Mob Psycho 100 anime is already airing and I missed the first four episodes!

This is the main work of ONE, the same guy who draws the original One Punch Man webcomic. Not the redraw by Murata Yuusuke, which is what the One Punch Man anime was based on. ONE’s art is… unique. A lot of people don’t like it.


I realize now that I really love Space Dandy. It’s so good


If you like really ecchi action/romcom, like Tsugumomo, I’ve been reading a new series called Kaimetsuou to 12-nin no Hoshi no Miko - probably easier in the English, The Vanisher King and his 12 Starlight Maidens. It’s got four chapters so far, and it’s shaping up okay, but it’s a bit heavy on the mystic babble right now. It’s trying too hard to build its lore.

EDIT: Well, Bleach just ended. And Kubo

actually paired up Ichigo with Orihime and Rukia with Renji. I understand the Japanese fans are livid. Personally, I’m surprised he paired anyone at all. The romance subplots in Bleach were super secondary to the main plot.

That said, I can’t believe it wasn’t Ichigo and Rukia in the end.[/spoiler]


I am indescribably happy.

(Tori Kissa!/Bird Cafe!)


Rewatching FLCL to see if I’ll understand it any better, it worked for Evangelion


FLCL was the End of Evangelion animation team coming off that really depressing shit by doing lines of coke off a stripper and writing/drawing high. It’s fucking amazing.