Anime/Manga Thread


Adult Swim is sponsoring a sequel, though I can’t imagine why. FIngers crossed that it doesn’t suck, but I’m not holding my breath.


Something about Haruko in a different city from before and maybe Canti is still around? I don’t remember.

Either way, I’m somewhere between hopeful and apathetic. The six episodes that exist work well and will always work well, a potentially shitty sequel won’t change that


Something along the lines of the same theme of embracing your youth and not trying to force a facade of maturity, but from the POV of a girl


I started watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, since it was written by the writer of Psycho-Pass.

This show is fucking devastating and full of twists. Jesus.


That’s one of my favorites, and I try to watch it at least once a year.

Make sure you watch the third movie (Rebellion) afterwards. [The first two are just a ‘director’s cut’ of the show]


I did, and it was epic. Fancying getting my heart ripped out again, I took up Your Lie in April.


Fuck that entire show. I fucking cried, I almost never cry.


The other day I saw someone mention Samurai Pizza Cats. That’s a show I watched a few episodes of as a kid, and I remember a handful of things about it - but I never quite forgot it. Hard to forget a show with a name like Samurai Pizza Cats.

Then I realized that I’m an adult, and I can just go watch that shit whenever I want. So I might be marathoning some Samurai Pizza cats this weekend.

EDIT: Just fired up episode 1. This show’s vintage as fuck.


I’ve heard about that a couple times – something about the localisation team not having a script translation for it and rewriting the whole show, only for people to like it more that way


oh it sounds like you’re speaking of Ghost Stories (…omg my favorite scene at 4:30)


Guys, I have one question…



That’s the reason why i named my account shingeki_is_real… Big fan since 2013… Took me off in being a fan other anime and even BMS…

It’s worth the watch, it’s like giant mexicans breaking over Trump’s Wall and a very angery teenage boy who wants to kill 'em all…


I spent much time waiting for Attack on Titan Season 2 and BMS Xen Update…
So much that I did this…


Just a heads up man, try not to double and triple post. They have edit buttons on them if you wanted to add more information to your post.


So, my top pics for this season have got to be Konosuba Season 2:

And Youjo Senki:

Two very different animes that both happen to have great faces for turning into reaction images.


KonoSuba has been great. I watched a bit of Little Witch Academia, but I never found myself particularly excited to watch the next episode, so I dropped it.

The other one that I’m really enjoying this season is Demi-chan wa Kataritai. The anime has been a bit more uncomfortable than the manga. When I read manga, I can kind of skip over the uncomfortable parts, but in the anime, you’re forced to go at the anime’s pace… and at the anime’s pace, it’s really obvious that there are some inappropriate student-teacher relationships developing in this series. :expressionless: At least they’re student -> teacher, and not the other way around.

Also just finished up Flip Flappers from last season, which was a good watch.

On the manga front, I just finished Wanko ni Kuchizuke. A fun bit of supernatural workplace romantic comedy where the male love interest starts out a callous piece of shit and grows pretty tremendously by the end of the series. If you read it, remember: a character being a bad person doesn’t make them a bad character, and it doesn’t make the manga a bad manga.


I posted once a day… so those are posted for the last 3 days one by one… Anyway, who watches Strike Witches or Kantai Collection?


I was more referring to the two posted back to back one day, within 2 minutes of each other, rather than the one posted a couple days later.

Not trying to be a dick, it’s just a lesson I learned a long time ago in the forums. You don’t double post back to back, it’s just kind of an etiquette thing.


Wakako-Zake is speaking to me on a pretty deep level.


The anime for this is very relaxing.

EDIT 2016-05-14:

Finally got around to watching Re:ZERO. I haven’t cried this damn hard at an anime in years.