Anime/Manga Thread


Well, I wasn’t aware the Netflix Castlevania Series was going to be an Anime, but here goes the frirst teaser! What do you guys think? I’m gonna check it out for sure.


Well technically it still isn’t an anime, since it’s directed by an American and animated by Frederator. Same principle as the two avatar shows.

But yes, it looks neat enough, hope it doesn’t suck.


Black General-san took a little while to grow on me, but holy shit…

EDIT: Oh wow, this is the same guy who drew this (warning, lewd language):

It’s called Ii Orc no Hi. I’ve seen bits of it floating around, but I didn’t realize it was an actual manga. I thought it was just a collection of drawings based on the same theme.


Have you ever been so mad that you judo-threw a fucking bear? Golden Kamuy rules.


Happy 20th anniversary to The End of Evangelion. You’ll always give us thoughts of…Freud and suicide, I guess


I just binged half of Little Witch Academia in like 24 hours. I was not expecting to like it NEARLY as much as I did.

Dammit Netflix, give us the second half!


Yeah, LWA was pretty nice, even if the antagonist was not really that great.


There’s an antagonist?

I mean the closest is Diana but she’s like Draco Malfroy but with DEPTH. Seriously, I love her character development.


I binge watched Yuri!!! On Ice.

I think I liked that way more than I should have.


I did not saw that you were watching on netflix, but yeah, in the later episodes there’s a real antagonist. Like every Trigger anime, you need to wait for the second half of the anime for the plot to really start


So… Made In Abyss.

I just finished reading as much of the manga as is translated right now. That’s some really intense shit.

It reminds me a lot of Elfen Lied, except that Elfen Lied tried way too hard, and Made In Abyss is pulling it off way better.


Holy shit, what even is Fire Punch

This is one of the most batshit enjoyable manga I’ve ever read.


I know I already posted Wakako-Zake, but…


Wakako-Zake was soooo chill, I don’t understand why the anime had such a bad rating


I mean it could have been a really shitty adaptation even if the source is good. I think this board is more than a little aware of how I feel when anime adaptations go wrong.


In case folks haven’t heard, is closing down. It’s in its last couple weeks now. was hands-down the best online manga reader around. A lot of scanlators uploaded to it directly… and then a lot of horrible leech sites scraped all of its content and rehosted it with ads, which was one of the constant headaches the owners had to deal with.

It’ll be interesting to see what fills the gap.


I just spent about four hours blasting through all of the Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha manga. It’s great, but it wrung me the fuck out.

Fuck me.


It technically happened a month ago and has only recently been followed up on, but Berserk

Casca is healed. She is back.







Wakako-Zake continuing to nail it.