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finally, the dub we all deserve



Just got back from the Hero Academia film. Story was a little “this is an anime movie” but I loved just about everything else. Animation was as studio Bones as ever, every character (well, relevant character) got their moment to do something awesome, they brought in You Say Run for the final sequence, and holy fuck that last encounter was intense.



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I just wanted ya’ll to know that in 2 weeks time, Eren will already seal the hole in Shiganshina, Reiner, Bertolt and the Beast Titan are ready to retake the Coordinate and were about to get hit by the feels.



after like fifteen years of not being able to legally view the series in English (unless you’re shilling absurd amounts for used DVDs), they’re actually putting Neon Genesis Evangelion (and End of Eva) on Netflix.


Hopefully we can also get FLCL on the service as a chaser.



FLCL was never in the short supply of legal availability that NGE was. The reason it’s a big deal is that there was absolutely no cheap and legal way to view the series for the last ~2 decades until now. The out-of-print and rare localized DVDs are usually expensive secondhand, and the Japanese (subtitles not included) Blu Rays are overpriced as JP anime Blu Rays tend to be. The streaming rights weren’t picked up by anyone and were likely incredibly expensive (if Funimation is to be believed), so for most people (myself included) piracy was the only way to view the series, so it’s kind of unreal to see it suddenly have not only the series but the End Film added to something as widespread as Netflix out of nowhere.

FLCL is rerun all the time on Adult Swim and has no shortage of ways to view it in decent quality (albeit still being relatively obscure compared to western anime consciousness as a whole), so it’s not nearly as big a deal, though I do love the show and want to see it spread around as much as possible regardless.

Unfortunately they’d probably insist on putting the second and third seasons on there with it. I’m honestly not sure it’s worth the exposure to risk the public consciousness of the show going from “a 6-episode show that got two lousy follow-ups” to “an 18 episode show that went seriously downhill after the first third”. Might make future discussion kind of depressing.

Speaking of anime and depression, Netflix has ALSO announced that they’re doing a live-action Cowboy Bebop series, because as we all know that show really wasn’t all that suited to animation and needed to be fixed in every way possible.

Anime and Netflix are a fucking monkey’s paw.



Fanmade Berserk motion comic released it’s first episode today. I had a couple issues but in general I’m very impressed at what they’ve done with so few people.



I have to share this image with every person I can find. It makes me so happy.