Anime/Manga Thread


I just started watching “Mirai Nikki” and I really enjoy it so far + dem theme songs


I’ve shared my feelings on Mirai Nikki in this thread before. I suggest you stop watching at like ep 16 for the best experenice. In fact most people I know who have watched the series have a similar suggestion.


Is it a super feely feel ending or we talking just a plain terrible wtf ending?


Its bad, its not wtf hard to understand its just really bad.


Time travel bullshit, from what I’ve heard.


Poorly executed time travel bullshit





This is, like, the greatest thing ever.


Just finished Ore no Imouto.

I’m feeling a bit conflicted right now. On one hand, I feel that the series went to shit during last couple of episodes, and that the ending was rather disappointing. On the other hand, however; I really enjoyed the rest of the series, and I still enjoyed it even with the amount of stupidity on the last episodes.

The ending, even when I can clearly point out its flaws; still made me feel empty on the inside. It’s the feeling of missing something I like, and I crave more of this series as much as I dislike the flaws of the ending.

Final Score:


Wow. I really wish I would’ve listened to you guys about Mirai Nikki. :frowning:


I think I looked a screen grab of that Carmel dansen thing the other day. That’s anime, right?


I think it’s from an eroge series, just so you know/are properly warned…


I feel like I should make use of my crunchyroll subscription but most of the shows on there now look really cliched and/or full of fanservice. I’ve heard good things about Sword Art Online so I might check that out. Anyone watch it yet? Any other shows on crunchyroll worth watching? I’ve noticed Kill La Kill seems to be blowing up in popularity but again…it looks super fanservice-y. I really can’t stand it. To me it almost always feels like either the animators drew the show with one hand or were trying to cover up the fact the show is a boring dime-a-dozen high school comedy.


It’s worth it. Attack On Titan is a great anime, if you haven’t watched it.


I presume you mean SAO is worth it? And yeah I’ve already finished Attack on Titan.


Bakemonogatari series is good I think cruncyroll has that. Yes SAO is good. Its paced / structurally really weird towards the middle though. Watamote is pretty far from cliche and generic as far as anime is concerned. Flowers of Evil is also pretty great if you ask me.

I’m not sure what exactly crunchyroll has (these are just ones I know horriblesubs has done thus are on crunchyroll) but in its defense most anime in general has a lot of cliche and fanservice even when its blowing up and really popular it doesn’t mean it doesn’t. I think anime is in a simmilar situation as games in that the people funding it go for safe bets and show aimed at otaku who love that stuff is a safe investment.


Is AoT worth watching as a replacement to fill in the hole I feel after Mirai Nikki or should I just follow my instinct and jump off a bridge?


You should have listened to me, that’s what you should have done. However unrelated AoT is worth watching though its not quiet the same genre. If you haven’t already seen Death Note that might heal your pain. Otherwise you could watch Btoom! or Deadman Wonderland but neither of them is as good as Mirai Nikki could have been if they didn’t fuck the whole ending.


I absolutely adore Death Note, I will check out the two you recommend.

and yes now I will listen to you.


I meant the use of crunchy roll and a subscription. Sorry bout that.