Anime/Manga Thread


Never seen Mirai Nikki but I will also vouch for Attack on Titan. It’s a great action/suspense show that keeps it going at a perfectly frustrating pace, always leaving you coming back for more. It’s kind of like what would have happened if Evangelion hadn’t spun off into super-psychological mode at the end. Judging by the manga there’s still a lot more to come, as long as they do the next seasons like the first. The ending has yet to be written though so who knows how it might end.

Already tried Watamote, wasn’t particularly interested in it but I might give it another shot. Definitely will give SAO a try.

And yeah I know most anime is cliched and has fanservice, and the same could be said about Hollywood. In some senses you’ll never get away from it because Tropes Are Tools/Tropes are Not Bad. So I don’t mind when it’s kind of cliched in some ways or has some fanservice; I just can’t take too much of it. There has to be some substance to it.

Ah I see. No problem.


I know I may be super nooby for mentioning these, but yesterday I was perusing my collection and remembered how much I like the Ruby/Emerald Saga of Pokémon Adventures. I also loved Marmalade Boy, and recently came across a good collection of Sailor Moon issues. I’m pretty lame, aren’t I?


You’re very lame, but that’s because you’re on a forum for a mod for a video game in a thread talking about anime/manga not because you’re selection is different the result is the same almost regardless of what you would have found in your collection.


Aw, that’s really kind of ya :wink:


Try Kill La Kill lol

it remind me of early 80s anime :smiley:


There’s actually a lot of good stuff airing this season.

Kill la Kill is overrated, but still a lot of fun. It’s by Trigger, which is a studio composed of a lot of the same people who worked on Gurren Lagann. It’s got really over the top action and slapsticky humor.

Kyoukai no Kanata is one of those that people either love or hate. The female protagonist (Mirai) is sort of a shallow character being portrayed clumsily from two conflicting angles, which the studio (KyoAni) have tried to cover up by making her heart-wrenchingly adorable.

Monogatari Series Second Season is just more Monogatari. I like it; if you liked Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, you’ll probably like it, too.

NouCome is really funny if you like anime humor.

Nagi no Asukara is interesting. It’s high school slice of life, basically, but in an interesting setting: humans originally lived in the sea, but some abandoned the sea to live on land. The school in the small seafloor village off the coast closed, so four kids from the seafloor have to attend school on land instead. No love lost between the sea-dwellers and land-dwellers.

Kyousougiga is actually my runaway favorite this season. I await each episode with childlike glee. It follows the story of a family started by a monk whose drawings come to life. He drew an alternate reality, called Mirror Kyoto, which is colorful and crazy and full of vigor. An agent named Koto from some sort of interdimensional police force called Shrine gets dropped into Mirror Kyoto and trapped there, and what’s more, she appears to somehow be related to the monk’s family. The story follows Koto and the three children of the family as the children try to reunite with their parents and discover Koto’s place in it all.

Other stuff that’s running this season that I haven’t watched yet, but which people seem to like, are Log Horizon, Samurai Flamenco, and Non Non Biyori.

Stuff that’s running this season that I can’t recommend are Coppelion and BlazBlue Alter Memory (unless you like the BlazBlue games).

Jesus, when did I turn into such a weeb?


You’re only a weeb if you have a waifu


It’s not really an anime, but the season 2 of Legend of Korra is apparently in progress. I hadn’t even heard until someone on reddit mentioned it in passing.


Death Note is da best because of the “bloody” ending with lot of tension and unpredictable change of events.
Naruto Shippuden is still good because I watch it so many years and I want to know how it will end.
Dragon Ball Kai/Z - Anime of my childhood. Not so serious but fun to watch.


Oh yeah, does anyone watch Log Horizon?

It is similar to SAO. But only it isn’t virtual reality that people get sucked into the game, and the game explanation is even better than the SAO anime.


I just got back from watching the Canadian Premier of Madoka Magica: Rebellion.


It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and it made my fanboy heart explode.

Also, fuck subtle yuri subtext, we don’t need that anymore. Overt shipping ahoy!


If you live in Canada and wanted to see it but couldn’t, no worries; there’s still a viewing on Sunday the 15th.
Also, we need a spoiler tag. Black text doesn’t cut it these days.


I doubt that will happen, but who knows. You can use color=#191919 /COLOR (with brackets) in the meantime though.

[color=’#191919’]This is what it looks like.


Planetes is still pretty good.
Also, Maximum Ride has a nice “manga” adaptation, and I have “manga” in quotation marks because despite being labelled as such, it isn’t technically.


The Steins;Gate movie comes out on Blu Ray today, and it has official English subtitles. Here’s hoping I can get it on a streaming service so I don’t have to get it on a super expensive blu ray…or for free in the back alleys of the interwebs…


So I went on a roadtrip with two of my filthy weeabo friends to see Madoka Rebellion in Sacramento. Was very well put together with a clever and well-made plot, however

[COLOR=’#191919’]I really didn’t like that the entire movie (except for like one scene) took place in imaginary and vaguely defined worlds/world. I get that that was the whole plot, but the disconnection from reality really really hurt my investment in what was going on. Kind of a pet peeve of mine, especially in anime, when the world isn’t well defined.

Also, I’m not clear on Homura’s motivations. She goes through a gradual process of discovery as to what is going on, and her motives change each time. However, in the final discovery when she traps Madoka, she acts like she planned this the whole time. Did she? Did she allow the incubators to trap her specifically for this purpose, but forget her original purpose while in the trap? Might be something I’m just not understanding right, but how exactly Homura’s motivations changed isn’t clear to me. Maybe my guess is right. Didn’t seem clearly expressed in the movie.

The animation was spectacular and the fight scenes were completely balls to the wall, for the most part it was a very good movie. Also I think the movie theater I watched it at my have been playing Rebllion in higher than 1080p, because god damn did it look good.

The movie summed up for those who haven’t watched it yet (non spoiler):
What a twist!


Space Dandy sounds pretty funny and its airing the same day in US on adult swim with a dub. Saturday night.


I’m watching “Welcome to the NHK!”

Probably the most gleefully insane anime I’ve seen since “FLCL.”


You should watch Kyousougiga.


I started Kill la Kill but I don’t know if I’ll keep going…it’s kind of interesting, but it’s a little over the top for me. The excessive fanservice, justified or not, is kind of off-putting for me as well.

I’ve had the Steins;Gate movie sitting on my hard drive for a while now, still haven’t felt like watching it for some reason though…


I agree on the fan service in kill la kill. It’s very over the top.

SAO just updated with a movie. Or something like it. It’s an hour and half, but I haven’t watched it yet.