Anomalous Materials Door Glass?


I’m trying to make a sliding door like the ones seen in Anomalous Materials, the green metal sliding doors with glass in them.

The door models and func_doors are all simple enough, but I can’t seem to get the glass right.
When I checked how it’s done in one of the Black Mesa .vmfs, the glass is done by putting a 1-unit thick brush in the middle of the door models. But the one-unit brush is in-between two grid units, unsnapped.
…How exactly is that done?



How I’ve seen it done is that a one-unit thick block of glass is placed so that one of the sides is in the very middle of the door, and the other side is nodrawed. This means you only see one side of the glass and it looks like it’s a single plane of glass instead of a one-unit-thick block.
Not sure if that’s what you mean though.
Oh, and yes, you can actually move things without snapping them to the grid by disabling the grid, if that’s what they did for the one you’re looking at.



Yes, the pane is in the middle of the door, but the problem is that the door’s thickness is a power of 2, with no actual center.
But somehow the devs managed to get a one-unit-thick brush in between two grid units, and I have no idea how that was done.
“Disabling the grid” just seems to make everything move by one-unit increments, and not actually removing the grid.



Two ways to do it. While moving the brush in the editor, if you hold ALT it will go completely free of the grid. You can then make decimal adjustments to the brush’s position. This can be super useful for stopping Z-fighting if you have models/brushes which overlap for whatever reason.

Easier method is to use the TRANSFORM window with the brush selected (CTRL + M). Set the mode to “Move”. Then you just move it across the desired axis by 0.5.



Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.