Anyone want to try my STEAM Greenlight game?

I’m new here, and really excited for Black Mesa, and imma let you finish, but if you guys have a chance, please look at my game in Greenlight

Squirrel adventures

and no, i did not join just to spam my game, but i figured its a good way to kick things off

Looks interesting… if a tad bland… Work on it a bit more, Your textures look boring and the eponymous Squirrel could use some animations.

i don’t vote for people who use memes

Looks like it’s got some potential. I’m always looking for a good action-platformer that doesn’t try to screw me up constantly (IWBTG, I’m looking at you). It’s got an interesting style, but I’m a little confused by it at the same time. You seem to be stuck between giving it a retro-look and a simplistic, almost flat look (i.e. the backgrounds and some of the textures). I don’t know if that’s what you’re going for, but it’s a bit off-putting for me. Nevertheless, it looks promising so I’ll upvote it, even if you did use memes. I’m not judgmental of people who like to use the Internet (cough).

…except Black Mesa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool dude. Not sure if the music in the videos was just random music or in game but if it was in game, make sure to add some sound effects if it was in game and some extra graphical polish regardless as well :wink: +1