Aperture science

I got an idea for a mod where you can play the tests that Cave Jonson was talking about. Like fighting Mantes Men. I don’t really know how to do this but i just thought of an idea, that is all.

I’m participating by commenting.

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You are 12 and now i am redirecting you to this website for your idea: http://www.moddb.com/mods

Im 12? What.

Judging by your inability to know what’s wrong with you, yes you are 12

Well stated, Nerdguy.

Whatever. This was not to talk about my age. I just posted a simple mod idea.

http://www.Moddb.com is Not Spelled like http://www.blackmesasource.com

And why cant i post a mod idea here?

What is the Purpose of this Website?

Black Mesa is a Half-Life 2 Modification, aimed at re-creating Half-Life 1.

Wow, that’s quite a fucking huge goal to set, there’s a lot of people out there to impress. But How do you know you’re on the right Track?

http://www.blackmesasource.com exists for a hub of the Mod-related Media and news, scarce as it may be. The Forums exist as a constant flow of feedback, support, and critique.

This Website is about ONE Mod For Half-Life 2.

http://www.moddb.com exists as it is a Hub for ALL MODIFICATIONS for ANY GAME.
Your idea is unrelated to the development of THIS Modification.
Aperture Science tests are unrelated to Half-Life 1.
Cave Johnson is unrelated to Half-Life 1.
Aperture Science as a whole is unrelated to Half-Life 1.

Post Ideas for Mods where they belong, on a Website designed around the construction of Modifications, Not a website centered around one Mod in specific.

Well look at me, i just created such a problem here that people need to get so upset over. Oh my i am sooo sorry, I just ruined the day for people.


You’ll get used to it

Gee whiz, tensions sure are high around these parts lately! I need to start spreading my witticisms like mad to quell all of the boiling blood!

Forget about the backlash your post caused, because it’s not a good idea anyway

One would assume that he’d be used to it since his post count is 49. Call me idealistic.

EDIT: sigh If you seriously want feedback, then… No. I don’t think that be such a good idea. If you want more Portal, get into the mapmaking community.

Besides, fighting Mantis Men? Yeah, it would be cool for maybe another shooter, but the whole combat thing contradicts the Portal philosophy (undirect fighting wouldn’t go well with a horde of mantis men trying to kill you).

Well according to the final hours of portal 2 book thing, one of their very early ideas was a prequel taking place before glados, and before the portal gun.
“Cave, a rich billionaire, desired to live forever. So he had his engineers at Aperture put his essence in a device, making him into an artificial intelligence. But as the game progressed, Cave would begin to realize how much humanity he had lost. The rest of the story would be the tale of Cave trying to become a robot and leading a robot uprising.”

As a story, it would work. I would probably not play a game version of it.

Why are you being such a cunt-nugget? This is the general section of the forum, which contains sub-forums for help and support (in which people ask for help with pretty much anything), technology and gaming (latest video games, steam offers, humble bundles, etc), show off (you’ll notice is NOT simply full of the community’s own BM-related creations) and this here Half-Life series sub-forum (portal/hl topics, mod ideas, and queries). The OP may not have expressed his (questionable) idea very well, but this is an absolutely appropriate place for him to post it.

^What he said.

I think it would be cool to see aperture science before the flooding of neurotoxin.