[ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery


I don’t really even know what the ARG is about, something with pizza and phone numbers. I’m just willing to bet that since this will be the last BIG update for BM then they’ll tie up loose ends.


Strange, bmrf.us appears to be offline.


Some thoughts i would like to share.

Bmrf.us is currently this page:


If you want to know what this ARG is about you can read about it on our wiki , however it is not always up to date but is still a good place to start.

Also, i have been looking at the 752 hex code recently and have been thinking of the possibility it being a stream cipher or block cipher stream mode based on the end of HALOS.txt after it was decoded fine.


bmrf.us appears to have been hijacked. There are Russian links in the html. I advise everyone to be careful visiting the site.

EDIT 2017-11-03: The issue has been resolved.


Frequency hop Spread spectrum, Slotted Aloha or S-aloha,
looks to me that the arrays may be the freq hop pattern.


LOL, just got an notification that @BlackMesaDevs that they posted about hedy lamarr, Who created Freq hop… Totally couldn’t be a hint…and if it is a hint, I beat the hint by 3 days!


So a new direction today. Started looking into time domain reflectometry, (got there from reading about spread spectrum stuffs). Anyhow, this lead to time dilation and the “twin paradox” . This got me thinking about epistle 3 and what happened with the borealis, coming in and out of its place in time. I decided to look at the clocks as if the black mesa incident happened at 3 different times, but at the same time. 9:01, 10:12, 02:34. Taking the time difference between 9:01 and 10:12 was I got 1 hour 12 minutes. So I divided this by seconds, and it equals 4320 seconds. and the next clock found in game is 0234, is there a way we could apply this to the hex ? Ideas?


As for the coordinates of the pizzas, have the positions of the pizzas in the multiplayer maps been factored in? For instance on the array that FLav put together?


I plotted the arrays of pizza boxes and graffiti to make it easier to use in case it means anything. Note that there may be errors.

Array found on background 14.


Array found on background 12.


Array found on background 10.

bandicam 2017-11-24 13-59-31-050.jpg
bandicam 2017-11-24 13-59-47-683.jpg
bandicam 2017-11-24 14-00-20-675.jpg


Has anyone ever noticed this petri dish? I cant quite make out what it says…


Bottom looks like it says “19 5 98”. May 19th, 1998?


I read it as:

C 5% <scribble?> S [or 5] 0.6% O[sub]8[/sub] 8.1 <scribble? %?> C [or 0] 45.98

I could also read the 5% as 50/v, but that seems less meaningful


I’ll take another shot at it tomorrow, if anyone else wants to take a look, there is another one next to it, it did not have any text on it though. its found in questionable ethics, the room that has a bullsquid in a cell across from a bullsquid autopsy, with the gman upstairs adjusting his tie. The microscope is next to the cut up bullsquid


That’s bm_c2a4e and the model is props_lab/petridish01a.mdl if anybody wants to take a closer look at the texture file itself.


Here’s a screen shot of the texture of the model petridish01_bateria.vtf. Appears to have text.


Also, considering the current state of the arg and this forum, i have had the idea of possibly moving this topic to another forum. Thoughts?
bandicam 2017-11-30 16-17-48-073.jpg


doesn’t matter to me where it ends up


It matters to me.

Considering the fact that there are just a handful of us still here who are still trying to solve this arg and we haven’t had any real progress in the last few years and more people seem to be dropping out of the arg. This is made worse by the fact that since the last spam attack, new user accounts can not be created so even if the arg picks back up, new players with new ideas cant join.

This thread is currently as of this post is 269 pages long spanning 5 years, a lot of that having no real progress.

So maybe moving to a differant forum might help.


In regards to moving the forum, I don’t really see a huge issue with it, as long as the original stays intact. There’s a lot of information throughout, true, but I’ve earmarked specific pages that hold information I consider to be key to solving this. I’ve had quite a few close calls I feel, but I still believe there’s some push that we are missing. Based on what has occurred in the past, I imagine that we would have received some sort of push from Storm if he was ready for us to move to the next portion of the ARG. As it stands, I think we just need to be patient a little longer, and things will begin to unravel. “Time reveals all” after all, and after all the time that’s passed, I think he included that simply to keep our spirits up while he was busy with other things. I don’t think it will be much longer now . . . .


Moving to a different forum isn’t going to help. If anything, it’s going to further fragment efforts to figure this out. The reason people aren’t trying anymore is because it’s been years since any significant progress has been made. Moving won’t help with that.


Congrats to the guy who made this. they made it so hard, we can’t figure out it and most have given up.