[ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery


I’m still one of those that hasn’t given up. I check the forums multiple times EVERY DAY looking for inputs on a solution. I, personally, don’t believe that starting a new thread would contribute in any way. I created a thread dealing specifically with just the storyline, since Storm told us that was import, but it basically went nowhere.


I wanted to ask about the images that Flavrans posted a while back. He brought up a Team Fortress 2 Halloween pack that had Black Mesa items. It was put together by Frozener, sorry if I misspelled it. It had some security cards and some other items, when looking through the pack, which you can find on the steam workshop, in several pictures it has the words CENTO LIRE. I looked it up and its about a song in italian, Its called "
Mamma mia, dammi cento lire" [/size][/size]
translated roughly to “the mother’s doom”… anybody know anything about it?


No, if you look closely at the image:

… you’ll see that it says 100000 LIRE CENTOMILA, which is from an Italian 100.000 lire bank note, specifically, the fourth series of the 100.000 lire bank note, which featured the image of the Italian Renaissance painter Caravaggio:

EDIT: Just for reference: Fr0z3nR’s Workshop Items


BM devs be trolling.


Ah, thanks I didn’t make out the numbers at the left.


I have a couple of quick questions. First, has anyone seen an actual computer mouse in game? If so, where?

Also, the place in game, where you can no clip through the stairs, and there is a room, with what looks almost like a lego character at a computer desk, with the radio next to him, when used the radio gives an sstv message, (if I remember the name of that correctly). Right above that spot in game, there is a tv face down on the ground, which I noticed something I don’t ever recall seeing before. There are rotating god rays above the tv, I’ve included a couple of pictures, is this how it always was? Or does this seem to be new?


that’s sparks looks like the tv was blown off the wall by an explosion.


There are computer mouses in the model files, so there should probably be a few somewhere.


Yes, but was it there before? In all my previous play through’s, I never saw it.


yes, likely an explosive knocked it off the wall or something.


Happy Tempus Omnia Revelat day!

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I have, look at Dr. Bottomley’s desk and the cubicle across from his office just to name a few.

Five years, damm.


Looking at the map in Hammer, I can see that the TV monitor is part of the tau overcharge scene. It gets blown off the wall when the tau overcharges. It seems odd, though, that the overcharge should affect the TV monitor that far away. It’s in the official .vmf’s, which were released with Patch v0.1.1, and they haven’t been updated since, which means it has been in the game at least since Patch v0.1.1. I haven’t checked the mod version, though.


is bmrf.us related to bmrf.org




Aside from the incident, what we find all over Black Mesa is power problems, before and after the incident. Here is my latest and greatest theory. The 752 code is a pattern that needs to be arranged. The pattern is based off of power, the direction of current, and the magnetic force created and its orientation. I have lots of pics and references. Here are a couple of rules/laws for reference. Fleming’s rules, left hand is for electric motor, right hand rule is for electric generator. Orsteds law is the direction of current determines the mangetic fields rotation. As for Halos being an AI, I think the AI means “Alloy” and its used in Gas Insulated Transmission lines. Niobium and Zirconium are being used for this. Zirconium is used in conditions with highly corrosive materials. Halogens are extremely corrosive.

Now we have the white board that shows the “Unknown Inscription” I don’t think its an inscription, I think it shows what letters and numbers can be rotated into. When using the direction of current, the direction of magnetic field, its a key to show us what to change letters and numbers in the 752. We will have a right to left and left to right rotation, which will provide a perpendicular magnetic force that will flip up or flip down. Here are a couple of images to help explain what I mean, I’ve gone through it a couple of times and it feels so close, I would like some input or thoughts on this, hopefully we have an electrical engineer, or someone with such knowledge.
flemings right4generator.png
Flemings left4motor.png
orsteds law.png


I don’t think so so. AI is short for Artificial Intelligence.

This was confirmed by Storm to be a red herring.

Also, just to let everyone know i made a new page on the wiki regarding the arrays of pizza boxes and graffiti we have found on some of the background maps in the steam release.

Its the first time i have written anything on any wiki so it might need some work.


yes, AI is usually short for artificial intel, but really, nowhere in game has artificial intel been mentioned, “automated” has been mentioned, I think is A L, there is mention of an AI “thing” but who knows what that means. We don’t know. Alloy with gas insulated transmission lines with niobium, and zirconium for corrosive environments and halogen, which can be made from a breakdown of gas in a gas insulated line, fits the puzzle a bit better than artificial intel doesn’t it? P.S., I’m not being snooty, I know inflection isn’t read very well, so please don’t think I’m being an arse.


We are following the story of Dr. Horn, et al. We know that he is working on a secret project named HALOS, which possibly holds the answer to all things, inside the classified X01 and X02 labs, which only a few people have access to.

There are several things hinting towards an artificial intelligence:

  • Portal references?
  • References to being observed by something mysterious.
  • JD. Marcel and the ‘AI project thing’ is a reference to the Bugs TV show, in which the character JD. Marcel was trying to unleash a malevolent artificial intelligence named Cyberax upon the world.
  • Highlighted letters on the TOR page spell out AI, as in A for alpha and I for india.
  • In the bm_c2a4g map, the gibs from the scientist who dies in the tau overcharge incident are named “dr_horn”, which suggests Dr. Horn might be dead, but somehow he isn’t (did he perhaps transfer his consciousness somewhere before he supposedly died?)
  • Storm himself said as 0418_08151814:


Your gibs find is amazing. Opens up some some new possibilities