[ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery


Gordon R Freeman has been busy.
And to think now he’s been reduced to a lowly button pusher.


Check out his Homepage

[/size]Freeman, Gordon R.[/size]
Professor Emeritus
M.A., University of Saskatchewan
Ph.D., McGill University
D.Phil., Oxford University

Phone: (780) 492-3468
E-mail: [email protected]

Department of Chemistry
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T6G 2G2

HERE’s the University of Alberta Faculty of Science Emeriti and Retired Faculty page where you can see a picture of him.


That is insanely lucky! There just happens to be a legitimate doctor with the same name who authored articles in the same years as the game’s canon with topics in the same vein as Half-Life. Man.

I guess the question then becomes: Is this just something fun to add depth to the ARG, or is it important? I’m inclined to believe that although not every detail is necessarily ARG-related, every larger piece of the puzzle should be. I don’t think we need to read the articles, but it could be useful to dig a little further into the Curriculum Vitae. By the way, that could totally be part of the Latin connection, right? Maybe not the key, but definitely part of the overall theme.

I’m not sure if we’ve uncovered actual gold, as in an actual piece of the overall puzzle, or if it’s just aesthetics.

EDIT: Looks like the bmrf.us phone number is either down or was switched up–it now says “Thanks for calling TechRX” and gives actual options, none of which I explored further.


It was down for a while so I guess someone snatched it up. I didnt post about it since it looked like thread was dead.


Looks like the email is going to be kicked back–not able to be delivered, according to Google.



Now what?


You could volunteer at a hospice or animal shelter.


Found this a while back, but I havent any idea if it applies. It was done by the guy that did the uplink remake. Who also put some easter eggs in. On the “Lies” image, it says dr. stone will pay… on this image it says bottomley must pay. Then a rock paper scissors like statement. “TACO BEATS BURRITO, PIZZA BEATS TACO, NOTHING BEATS PIZZA”… Thoughts?


Possibly related to a dev mentioning boats in a reddit




Those boats are hard to find!

I only wish they had something to do with the ARG, but I’m assuming they do not.

Still had a good time trying to find some of the missing ones :slight_smile:

  • Any poetry buffs in the house??? Maybe something, maybe not. Have a look at “Flame and Shadow”, by Sara Teasdale. Lots of good stuff in there. One of her poems was borrowed by Ray Bradbury in a short story he wrote. That same poem can be found in a Fallout game, and other places… One last thing… has anyone tried looking at the code in binary, not at face value, but maybe a mix of different bits, maybe the binary is missing some zeros at the front or rear of each binary word. say 0100111 and 110000, adding 1 zero to the first and 2 zeros to the second??


Maybe something, maybe not. A poet by the name of Sara Teasdale. She wrote quite a bit of stuff. One of her books being called “Flame and Shadow”. One of her poems, called “There will come soft rains”, pops up here and there. Ray Bradbury used it in a short story, it was also in one of the Fallout games, among other places. The title “Flame and Shadow” certainly fits the theme of some of the stuff we have seen so far. I’ve not finished the whole book yet, but there are quite a few things in there that may catch ones eye. Also has 12 Chapters. The gent that posted about the boats, if you take a look at his profile, you might find that there is a large post of binary. The words are separated but not quite right. The first word having 7 bits, while the next has 6 bits and so on. If you add zeros to the front of the words to make them 8 bit words, you get the words to the above mentioned poem over and over again. Again, this may be nothing, but like they say in csgo, obvious smoke is obvious. Why put a binary puzzle like that out for people to look at if they dont want it being solved. Maybe something like that is what needs to be done to the hex? Or after converting the hex to a different language then to binary , then add the zeros. Something else that kind of fits the theme of “Flame and Shadow”…a link I posted a while back, found on storms google+ page. A video on youtube by “Poets of the Fall”. The song being “Daze”. Check it out on youtube, see whatcha think.

EDIT: the place I got the binary has posted as if they are not a dev, so it may be completely unrelated. A secondary account, or friend of a dev. However, if you have free time, if you go through all the devs screenshots, you may or may not, find a player with no known alias playing in games with devs. Just saying.
weird binary.txt (18.2 KB)
binary poem.txt (21 KB)


Something else in that video that Flavrans linked, they mentioned a gold crowbar. If there is an Easter egg based on a gold crowbar, and it is in the single player campaign, it might be something you find… OR, something you make? If its something you make, there is the option of paint, which we can find all over the game, but I do not off the top of my head remember if there is in fact gold paint anywhere. But, thinking of that, when you awake after being apprehended, you have to reclaim your crowbar which is in a control room. After you have done that and exited the trash compactor room, you drop into another room where a guard comes to meet you, but instead meets headcrabs. If you look at the floor, you will see there are what look like Gold footprints coming from a closed door. It might also just be how it appears in the lighting of the room.


A while back, this was put up on the wiki page.
“quod coronae ubique vivere ergo non credidistis illi eum persequimur me, auxilium postulo non intellegere Latinam obsecro, quia caritas Dei adiuva me
sunt persequimur eum adiuvent eum salvum illum iungo Valyria Rubrum quaerere Gallo RSPS”

It was later taken down as a possible hoax. When translated it didn’t make any sense…

BUT, if you flip and reverse it, and try different languages, some pretty weird things show up,

“…We are waiting for you in the future…”
“…the mouse does not ilstsipiperc Print…”
“…I’m still an ogre, I’m not sure that I’m going to say anything else, I’m going to smell Olutsop not just mankind, so I’m sorry I’m sorry”
“…Wet Mulberry…”

I havent finished the whole thing yet. I was also reminded that it is likely a Red Herring.
A few things stand out to me right away, “multi-shotgun and mouse” lots of genomic work has been done on mice, and multi-shotgun, could be referencing the act of using a BLAST tool, see

“Wet mulberry”, silkworms sure love their mulberry

In the ogre line, we see the word “OLUTSOP” interesting word that one, but still not quite right… but when used in “mirror hand” you get “POSTULO” which is translated as “needle” or “point”. This points to the book called “SOLOMON’S KEY THE CODIS PROJECT: A CONSPIRACY THRILLER” by R. Douglas Weber.
Here is an image of the text in the book, I have also included a portion of the translator that I used for portions of the above.

Oh yeah, the languages I have used so far, are… Latvian, Latin, Corsican


I’ll clear a few things up for you, as you are really stretching on alot of these solutions.

firstly -
quod coronae ubique vivere ergo non credidistis illi eum persequimur me, auxilium postulo non intellegere Latinam obsecro, quia caritas Dei adiuva me sunt persequimur eum adiuvent eum salvum illum iungo Valyria Rubrum quaerere Gallo RSPS Has nothing to do with me, its a hoax and has nothing to do with the arg.

translated it appears to be - then did ye not then believe him? The fact that crowns him chasing me everywhere, to live, to understand the need not to the help of the Latin, I pray thee, because the love of God, help me, are chasing him wherever he may seek safe to connect Valyria Red Rooster RSPS

which appears to be someone getting into the theme of the arg, but its not actually part of it.

When solving something like this, its rarely a good idea to translate it into different languages, as this massively complicates things, and its extremely rare for an ARG author to write something in Latin, but want it translated outside of the main characters language - which in the case of this arg is English.

I’ve not used any poetry from Teasdale as you mentioned in your tweet.
Those aren’t gold footprints, thats alien blood. (deleted post, i can see those too :stuck_out_tongue: )

At the moment, there is only one puzzle that still needs to be solved from things I have posted, and the answer to that is visible and clues have been given on how to solve it. The arg will conclude with the release of Xen, regardless of whether that is solved - but the secret within it, may never be known.


Thank you! And do you mean, that with the launch of xen, the solution is gone forever?


What about bmrf.us and ext 12? Back then, we were able to call that number and dial in extension 12 to be asked for password. Was that intentional? Or was it something we stumbled upon?



I don’t know about you all, but I’m not satisfied with just having the end result–it’s not just the fact that not knowing something I know can be uncovered drives me literally insane (ask my wife–if she hears about this puzzle one more time, she’s probably going to slap me), but it’s also the suggestion that we may not get the full picture. The whole point of this, at least in my eyes, isn’t the end result, but what it’s all about. All these pieces we’ve been given, they have to fit together, somehow.

In layman’s terms, for me it’s like watching a really complex movie, or perhaps a running series, that has all these parts and characters and motives, and then seeing that all coalesce into a singular entity–the payoff is what makes it worth it, sure. But if you can figure that point out before the ending, or before the result is handed over by the directors or writers–well, that’s an even better feeling. I’ve always been a fan of mind-bending films and complex crime plots, so this has been especially painful. I always try to guess those before they end, and sometimes I get it, but not always. And with this puzzle, well, sometimes I get this feeling out of the blue, either at work or what have you, that we’ve already uncovered the answer, we just don’t realize it. Like it’s so obvious, we looked right past it. That’s probably not the case at all, but I can’t help that feeling.

Anyway, I hope I’m not alone in saying that I think we should give it one more go, hopefully not a “last hurrah,” but if you want to call it that, fine. I’m going to do my part–I’m going to go to the very beginning, back when all we had was the first encounter with a clue in the game, and try to sort it all out in a timeline. Maybe that will help. I have a couple days off of work, so I’m going to hit up the library and spend the change to print everything out I can get my hands on–it can’t hurt to be able to see it all laid out physically, not just digitally.

I’ll report back if anything comes of it.


That was neither said nor implied in stormseeker’s post.

Language barrier maybe?