[ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery


Absolutely, any bit of data can be used as the seed for a random number generator.


Here’s an example of what I’m trying to say:

Let’s assume that the first 8 bytes of the plaintext is “[[Proxyh” since a lot of our clues start that way.
In hex it’s represented as:

5b 5b 50 72 6f 78 79 68

And with the first 8-bytes of “752” being:

b3 2b 00 3a 35 ba dd 66

After XORing each byte we know the first 8 bytes of the key stream would be:

e8 70 50 48 5a c2 a4 0e

So then the question is, is there anything interesting about those numbers? The results of this example don’t seem to reveal anything unfortunately. I like to use this hex editor https://hexed.it to view hex data as multiple common data structures at once.


Here’s something fun–if you take the non-hex representation and turn it into Webdings, you get a bunch of circled numbers throughout. Remove the non-number symbols and you get:


It’s fun, but probably doesn’t mean anything.