[ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery

This is cross-posted from discord and is a follow-up to my recent post where I was looking at the recently leaked photo. In this post, I will talk a bit about the partially obscured page, which I didn’t cover in my post above.

At the top of the page we can see the partially obscured text “Quantum Reciprocal Lo”, which has been established to be referring to Quantum Reciprocal Logic.

Basically, it’s an ultra-low power superconducting digital technology that uses Josephson junctions instead of transistors. It’s based on the idea of encoding information in the presence or absence of a magnetic flux quantum, known as the Single Flux Quantum (SFQ). SFQ pulses are generated across the Josephson junctions. RQL uses reciprocal pairs of SFQ pulses to encode bits. Note that these are classical bits, not quantum bits, or qubits. With this technology you can build superconducting digital logic chips that have ultra-low power dissipation and can operate with clock speeds of tens or hundreds of GHz.

A Josephson junction and how it works is complicated to explain (look up the Josephson effect), but it’s basically two layers of superconducting material with a thin layer of non-superconducting material sandwiched in between, which acts as a non-superconducting barrier. Due to the quantum tunnelling effect, electrons will tunnel through the non-superconductive barrier without resistance, but only as long as the current through the junction is below a certain threshold, the critical current. If the current exceeds the critical current, an AC voltage will develop over the junction, which can be measured.

The superconducting material is usually Niobium, and the non-superconducting material is some kind of Aluminium Oxide. The Niobium needs to be liquid Helium-cooled for it to become superconducting.

The circuit schematic seen in the photo appears to be an example of an RQL shift register. The full circuit can be seen in this paper:

The key thing I note here is that this technology operates on conventional digital bits, and not quantum bits (qubits) (unless I’m missing something), but it can certainly form the basis for building a really fast supercomputer. Imagine what you can do if you can replace the liquid He-cooled Niobium superconductor with a room temperature superconductor.

So, this is likely the technology from which HALOS was built, and we can see how the Niobium fits into this. But there’s probably more to this, and HALOS definitely evolved beyond its original design, and the question is how and why.

There are many more questions, but those are for another post :slight_smile:

EDIT: It’s possible that RQL is being used in the support circuitry that controls the operation of the qubits in a quantum processor, sends information in the form of classical bits to the qubits, and reads out the information from the qubits. Qubits are also made up of circuits that uses Josephson junctions, so using RQL in the control circuitry should in theory be ideal as it can all be “easily” integrated on the same chip. This means that the processors that make up HALOS can still be quantum processors (QPUs).

Storm had said:
“super cooled niobium is fast but nothing beats bio neural at room temp”

Discord PM I sent to Stormseeker on 11/27:
You have to feel sorry for Dr Horn. He discovered he was nothing more than a character in a video game

Response received 30 minutes later:
that is essentially it yes

Since we know that Dr Horn knows he’s a character in a video game we could assume that he’s trying to escape from it and enter “the real world”.

He thinks he can accomplish that by fixing his broken Asura Gate with the exotic material he spoke of

([LD] Stormseeker11/20/2019
exotic matter is theoretically used in the seeding of lorentzian wormholes
ie - portals)

and then attaining the 2 missing additional coordinates he mentions on his whiteboard.

The two that he needs are coordinates that exist in OUR world. This would guarantee his escape from the game and entrance into what we call the real world.

Questions Remaining:
1.Are we the ones who will be expected to bring the exotic material that’s needed to repair the Asura Gate?
2. What will we interact with, probably in X01/X02, in order to supply either our actual home coordinates or perhaps the coordinates of our favorite local Pizza place that delivers?

That would be the “small reward” that he promised!

Did you guys see this?


Yeah, it’s been spotted.
Here’s a detailed version of what’s on the board:

What if there are Dr. Horn, Dr. and security officer Sisk in this “lab”?
Maybe sloving ARG will ressurect them or something?

Also there’s a pizza.

Checking out Dr. Horn’s pizza truck (the one shown in @Gunsrequiem’s video) via Hammer Editor

Couldn’t really find anything here.


Good Afternoon. I have sat down ,after playing through Black Mesa again, and have found this thread on the forums. I have become enraptured by this community and it’s response to this ARG, and wish to lend a hand anyway I can. But that’s just the thing I am unsure how to proceed and would greatly appreciate one of you fine scientists either assigning me a task or giving me some direction. I will check back on this page daily to see if I can be of some use regardless.

Your’s Faithfully