Avtomat Kalashnikov Model 1947

So, I was browsing the Half-Life Wiki when I came across this:


Man, who else wishes they had the AK47 for the Resistance in the final game? That would have been cool, it’s my favorite gun. :jizz:

I did notice that the model is backwards though. The cocking handle and safety are on the left side of the rifle, when they should be on the right side. :frowning:

If the model is really mirrored that means Valve ported it directly from CSS beta when HL2 was still in development. I have the hl2 leak and the AK is called AR1, it has the wrong model version and has no animations.

You could check FPS banana; there are tons of Калашникова replacements there if you still want one in your game.

I like how you took the time to type it out in Cyrillic.

No way! That’s awesome, I’ll check it out. Thanks a ton.

I’d rather have an AA12

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I post the superior video:


Elions’ AK47 mod for Half Life 2 replaces the SMG instead of the AR2 pulse rifle, which is pretty dumb.


Anybody happen to know if it would be possible to edit the mod to replace the AR2 instead, for my own personal use?

Also the model is mirrored wrong…

Gun models are always mirrored wrong for vanity. Someone spent a segment of their life on this earth on a bolt cycling animation, and your 3DS max-not-usin’-ass has no choice but to sit there and enjoy it.

Games aren’t real. Developers and modders don’t owe you a realistic experience. Nobody but wannabe spetsnaz airsoft enthusiasts cares about this sort of thing.

Not to mention, the AK47 is the most overrated contraption of death to ever exist.

^ this so much.

Half life needs a fucking flintlock musket.

Aren’t AK47’s in damn near every FPS these days? Why would anyone mourn the loss of such a generic weapon?

So it makes sense for an old russian gun to be shooting particle beams & glowing energy orbs, but not bullets or rifle-launched grenades? I don’t follow the logic.

Some rebel created weapons mixing combine tech with old human weapons would be pretty boss actually. Though it would defeat the whole purpose of us trying to tackle their antimatter tech in the first place.

Trying to tackle their antimatter tech?

Trying to tackle their antimatter tech.

Meh, the AK47 is an iconic and legendary weapon. I like it.

…or people who have ever seen/handled a Kalashnikov before, and/or and don’t want to look at the hideous, dead-frame riddled animation included in that mod, anyhow. Its like if Gordon put the rounds in the revolver backwards. It wouldn’t really matter, but it would still be retarded as hell.

YOU TAKE THAT BACK. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an AK74 mod that replaces the AR2, if anybody is interested. Its much better done, in my opinion, though I prefer the original '47 myself.


aka poser.

Some people enjoy shooting firearms without killing people, you know.

Why don’t you knock it off with those negative waves? :rolleyes:

Now I kind of want to make a game that just throws all logic of the way guns work to hell, just to make all the animations more fun.

Silenced revolver, you say? Welcome… to 1895

you can pay any dimestore gunsmith to silence literally any civilian weapon

I dunno about you guys, but if I have a gun, It’s because I’m going to use it to shoot another human being. Guns were and are invented for this purpose.