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Danyal Davies. Candle Design.

Stop making topics about your mod.

so, you’re the idea guy who did some work.

the maps looks… bland.
why is there smeared shit on the underground wall

I…I… i thought this was a GEP gun


first of all, it’s written: Αξιωμα, thus, it makes no sense to write it as AXIOMA, such word does not exist in the Greek, or ancient Greek language, therefore this mod is irrelevant. (even if you spell it that way, english is a barbaric language, you should have at least tried to write it in the greek alphabet)

also your translation of the word is irrelevant.

i give it a 1/10 for effort.
[COLOR=‘Black’]for my post that is

Are you saying daviz isn’t a mapper? Just an ideas guy? No, im sure Daviz maps.

I came here expecting a disney space ship remake in Source.

Needless to say, I am disappoint.

Looking pretty neat. Although, some of the subway stuff looks a little bright for the oppressive London you’re trying to paint.

hey savant… sorry you have such a shit life lol… show us your creations then…

Defensive much?

Damn I know some people who don’t take criticism very well but you’re just ridiculous.


best map ever

It’s a masterpiece. Release it

Nah, a beauty such as that needs to be aged well, like a fine wine.

Give it a year or so.

thx guize for the constructive criticism, i’ll make sure to take all these into account and make an even better map!!!1

Can I be your texturer, Savant?

i already have a texturer
she likes [COLOR=‘Pink’]pink

absolutely [color=’#ffecff’]f[color=’#ffd3ff’]a[color=’#ffb4ff’]b[color=’#ff91ff’]u[color=’#ff6eff’]l[color=’#ff4bff’]o[color=’#ff12ff’]u[color=’#ff12ff’]s[color=’#ff00ff’]!

can i be your prop modeler?

props are for losers, all models are done with hammer
because hammer is superior

… k


This thread is going places.