Banner on the wall has an issue


System configuration:
OS: Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit.
Processor: i5-3570, 4 cores, 3,4-3,8 GHz.
Video card: Radeon R9 280 3Gb.
RAM: 16 Gb. 2 sticks of 8.
SSD for OS and HDD for game included.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to:
    map : bm_c1a4c at: -3130 x, 448 y, 1243 z
    setpos -3130.740234 448.896027 1243.284790;setang -8.705198 166.563477 0.000000
  2. Find a banner on the wall.
  3. Turn on / turn off your flashlight.

Expected result: when a flashlight is on banner looks ordinary.

Actual result: when a flashlight is on banner doesn’t look like ordinary one. There is some strapes on it.

Priority: trivial.

There are some perfectly fine decals for example.



I feel like this is kind of a moot point–the “stripes” are from the “hills and valleys” (indentations and raised points–corrugated, in a sense). If it was something stuck onto that area, your assessment would make sense, but as it appears as though it’s either painted on or a decal, it properly reflects the surface it’s adhered to.



Didn’t they already ban a person for pointing out things that would take more time to deal with then it would be worth it.

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Yes, I guess you are referreing to Dadster. I kinda does sound like him…creating multiple threads for relativly minor bugs and/or cosmetic features, that weren’t noticed by many but him.



Thanks for your answers. I have my personal suspicions about bugs but that is not mean I am absolutely right about it. Let developer to decide. Like you I love this game and I want to do something useful.
Why are people so angry?



Not angry just cautious. We had a person named Dadster as mentioned above who kept reporting literally everything as a bug. He still posts in art on the steam forums and any time some one calls out one of the features as what it is he deletes their response his “art” telling the bugs if they get down voted he deletes and puts back up.

Teh guy was worse here where when the devs out right told him to loosen up he sort of went mad and got banned because they where not taking him seriously.

I mean the guy tried to report that the grass looked wrong as a bug.



Do not worry, please. I’m not mad or troll or something like that.

About bugs… I really want to find some critical or blocker bugs. But I can’t so far. And this is very good, really proud about Black Mesa.

Small bugs are not less nasty. Believe me people notice them well. Those bugs are annoying. But not every person have time or will to report them.



Thing is this isn’t a bug, I can go to a grocery store and take pictures of a few signs that are like this.

IT is a cheap way to put warning on things, instead of spending money on metal they use a type of well poster that adheres to the walls. Looks exactly like this.

Sure I know in game it is likely an oversight, but IRL stuff like this exists.



Ah, I see what you mean. So the sign is actually stuck onto the corrugated wall there, but when the light is on it it reflects the corrugated look. I’m thinking it’s likely either a filter or possibly a bump map that is activated by the light being on it. Either the light creates that look, or the material has a set property that is activated by the light being on it (cone/field of view cast by the flashlight).

As for why it’s showing through the sign, it’s likely just a decal property to save on resources, rather than an actual object. In essence, a pasted-on .gif or .jpeg file. Unless the properties were set accordingly to reflect appropriately, the properties of the wall behind it could override it.

Honestly, I don’t blame them–it would be silly for them not to simplify it in such a way. I remember Storm saying that there were levels where they barely made the resource cutoff, so things like this are to be expected. Still, it is kind of cool to see how efficient they were at limiting resource usage in certain areas.



Yeah, it’s supposed to be like that because it’s realistic. These aren’t metal signs affixed to the walls, it’s paint, and paint would show the same shape as whatever material is under it.
Some real shipping containers, for example, that show the same effect as shown in your pictures:

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I think the issue here, particularly in the case of the caution sign, is that, under just the lighting that’s in the scene, the sign (info_overlay) looks completely flat and unaffected by the bump map of the underlying material. It’s only when you shine the flashlight on it that features of the bump map “shine through” the overlay texture. It looks quite jarring and unnatural because the overlay looks just as flat as before.



Yeah, this is an issue with the flashlight and other ‘new dynamic’ lights affecting all decals, regardless of the surface the decal is on or the surface of the decal itself.