Battlefield 1 revealed



All rumors were true,i doubted how it will works,but after the trailer i have no doubt about it,that it will be awesome.Also there will be the first AAA game about WW1.Also interesting what Visceral Games are developing right now,something like BC3?Get ready for the COD:WW1 every year and ton of DLC then.



Stupid name, awesome trailer, game looks amazing.

Visceral is working on a Star Wars game, btw.



Really high hopes for this one based purely on the trailer and the fact that it’s WWI.

Hoping DICE don’t disappoint!



Can’t wait to see what they mean by “gritty, realistic CQC”, cause I’m only imagining some bad as shit blackjack’s to the face, and it’s making me happy.



Are you guys ready for some WW1 era dubstep?



Dat glitch mob white stripes doe



So I thought BF3 was disappointing, and I was impressed by how good DICE was at making BF4 an even more mediocre experience, so I’ve been intensely skeptical of BF1. However, after watching the E3 footage I’m really really hopeful. DICE seems to have gotten the point and reinstated a lot of what made BF mechanics great, like genuinely impact and dynamic destruction (not scripted like BF4’s garbage). In addition, all the weapons look like they feel really heavy and meaty. The maps seems to be more simple with less cover, making positioning more important. And, finally, the WWI setting looks so good.

Not going to buy before I try, but I went from intensely skeptical to actually fairly excited.



I’m pretty fucking disappointed in this game.

They used an orchestra in the actual game instead of WW1 dubstep.



Beta is OUT.

They finally fucking fixed the stupid driving controls so that the right trigger on consoles accelerates and left trigger brakes.

10/10 for simply having good freaking driving controls.

In all seriousness tho, it’s fucking beast. I did not realize how utterly, entirely, and totally great spearing a fucking sniper with a bayonet would be. The guns are awesome, the map is awesome (little empty tho), the planes are great, and it seems like the sniper rifles are just better. More responsive I guess, like they have a more realistic trajectory to the bullet and better hit boxes, it seems, over 4 and 3. I love the new vaults and the fact that running at a door let’s you bust thru it, and I love how the tanks take 5 people to properly use. It makes you feel indestructible. Which, I mean, you basically are.

God DAMN i can’t wait for this game.



Agreed ^
Simply an amazing experience all round. Ranked up to level 16, been playing since the Insider Beta release at the start of this week.
So much better than BF4, the guns feel great (though I do think there should be more rifles and slightly less automatics) and it’s just all round intense action.
Can’t wait to play Rush on a trench map with machine gunners stopping you from just running over the trenches. Rush is meant for trenches.
Pre-ordered… I know, I know… but I’ve played the Beta and I’m eager to play it as soon as it comes out.