Battlefield 3 and Disappointing Content Drops

Article here.

Four great utubers who cover the game, LevelCapGaming, intheworksmedia, rivaLxfactor, and Kulprit008, share their opinion on the upcoming Bonus Content for Battlefield 3 subcribers or “Premium” members.

Premium is the reason I hate EA so much. They manage to get their sticky hands all over every Battlefield game and smear it with shit. I love DICE and Battlefield, but the best thing for the franchise is to leave those assholes at EA and find a real publisher. Pity that can’t happen.

Like I genuinely can’t think of a single game which EA hasn’t ruined. Even Activision are miles better. Grr.

Activision invented it though. EA gets a little credit for simply not being Activision.

I will never buy premium. I’m only interested in one or 2 of the expansions, and I’ve pretty much lost interest in BF3. Why would I pay for another BF3 for just extra content and skins I don’t give a shit about?

I would much rather spend that money on a new game that actually interests me.

OMG 1.3 million bought that premium crap and It’s not even close to release. Almost no gameplay has been shown or any reviews given. But that doesn’t matter because EA has its cash and proven again what a bunch of assholes they are.

Armored Kill is the only one that seems interesting enough for me to buy. But because I am not going to buy that premium package they are going to let me wait another week or so.