Best Games You've Played, Half-Life doesn't count...


STALKER, Portal, Bastion, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2 and as analogue to the latter Battlefield 3 (say what you want, I still had some great fun in there).


Pokemon Yellow, CnC up to Generals, Diablo II, Starcraft I & II, Quake I & II, Star Trek Online, Star Trek Elite Force, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Freespace I & II, Thief Series, Tribes 2, aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd finally, Tribes: Ascend


Definitly balck meas sauce.

The rest are Assassins Creeds, Mass Effects, Batman Arkhams, Left 4 Deads, Counter-Strikes, Portals, Uncharteds, Deus Exes, Kotors, and most of the actual Nintendo Made games are pretty good quality.


KOTOR’s; Halo’s; Mass Effect’s; Crysis 1; Battlefield 1942, 2142, and 3; World in Conflict; Call of Duty: United Offensive and Big Red One; Jedi Knight: Outcast and Jedi Academy; Elder Scrolls IV and V.

That’s all I can remember at the moment.


Half-Life doesn’t count?

Well then, HL2: Episode 2, Mass Effect series, Knights of the Old Republic, Max Payne 2, Arkham games, Marshmallow Duel, Jedi Outcast/Academy*, Portal series, Team Fortress 2, and HodgeN’Podge.

I think I got me favorites…

*I dislike Jedi Academy by itself, but I’ve spent more time modding and playing mods of that game than I’ve spent actually playing any other game, so I feel I have to list it as a favorite.


Both Thiefs, System Shock 2, and Deus Ex.

Big immersive sim fan (System Shock 1 and the UU games are great too, but they have major control and interface issues that keep them out of the pantheon).

And of those, Deus Ex is my favorite by a slight margin.


I think I’ll split mine up into genres, maybe it’ll whittle the list down a bit.

Best Multiplayer FPS - TF2, Counter-Strike series a close second. No other games seem to be quite as addictive to me, though Tribes: Ascend has a pretty strong hold too.

Best Single Player FPS - Half-Life series, but since it doesn’t count, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. The atmosphere of the game is unparalleled IMO. Also Deus Ex and HR, if you can count them as just FPS games.

Best Platformer - Megaman X. Egoraptor even has a video on just why it was such a genius game.

Best Western RPG - Mass Effect series. Despite the annoyances of some minigames, and the controversy about the ending, it hardly dampens how great an experience carrying your character on an epic quest through three games with companions you can actually care about is.

Best JRPG - This one is tough, but I think Chrono Trigger is probably my favorite. FFX and Tales of Symphonia are close behind.

Best RTS - Age of Empires 2. I still play this game on LAN with my friends. It’s just…awesome. Starcraft 2 is also a strong contender.

Best Adventure Game - Zelda series. Each one is fun and memorable despite them being quite similar.


Super Mario Bros 1, 2 (aka Doki Doki Panic), 3, World, All-Stars, and 64 (haven’t played the others). I was actually obsessed with SMB2 (DDP) as a youngster. I loved all the new characters and Nintendo had put out some wall art (large wall decals) of various characters. Had a picture of Mouser above the head of my bed for over a year. It was awesome. :wink:

EDIT: I also enjoyed the Ratchet and Clank series of games. Great voice acting in those games. And, I’m not sure if it counts because HL doesn’t count, but Portal and Portal 2.


Deus Ex Human revolution (Never played 1 or 2 sorry)
Dawn of war (singleplayer)
Metro 2033
Garry’s Mod
Command and Conquer Red alert 2


Morrowind. Or maybe Oblivion + all the DLC. Also Portal (how cliche.), World of Warcraft (you cannot deny how amazing this game used to be), and KOTOR I & II



Sacre bleu!


Delta Force 1\2\LW\BHD
ARMA 1\2
HL 1\2
Joint Operations
Medal of honor PA\RS\FL
Beyond Pearl Harbor: Pacific Warriors
Beachhead 2000
Sim Copter\City2000\City3000\Streets of Sim City
The Sims 1\2

Ahhh much Nostalgia


Metal Gear Solid, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, MGS: PW, MG, MG2: Solid Snake
Half-Life + all the sequels
Crysis (for PC)
Portal 1 & 2
Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed II (didn’t care much for Brotherhood and Revelations)
Fallout 3/New Vegas
Front Mission 1,2,3,4,5
Final Fantasy games up until 10
GTA games (GTA: San Andreas & GTA4 especially)
Mafia games


It really is the best Mario Kart.


Take that away this instant ! :fffuuu:


No one Lives Forever 1 is the funniest game I ever played.
The guard conversations are priceless!
Even today it stands out.


agreed, I gave into the hype believing it would be a faithful remake, but instead if was “CODified”


^ I actually prefer the Daniel Craig bond to Pierce Brosnan. Craig’s performance more closely mirrors his characterization in the original books. In the books he’s a bit more of a brute than his traditionally suave dialog in the movies would suggest. There were quite a few things that went wrong in the Golden Eye remake- the addition of Craig and the changes to the story were not for the worse, in my book.

The level design is what needed work the most for me. Too linear, too COD-like. And silly quick time events.



Same with me.