Best Half-Life 2 mods

Hi everyone. In the “meanwhile” before BMS will be released I’ve started searching for other, good single player Half-Life 2 mods. Tell me your favourite ones and why should I (we) play them! I’ll start myself with 2 mods:

No More Room In Hell:
Link to mods website:
Link to moddb:
I think it should work with any source game installed (I have only vanilla HL2 and Portal 2), it’s one of most popular mods on desura/moddb. Never before I have played Left 4 Dead, but I had chance to play few minutes Dead Island and I can tell you this mod is very similar to it, except you’re not on an island! Mod has awesome graphics, animations and sounds and most important atmosphere. It’s not fully SP mod, it’s mostly concentrated about coop and teamwork. There are only few maps with 2 gameplay types. In one of them you have to hold the area against waves of zombies, where in other gameplay type you have to escape from certain place doing objectives.

Mod www:
I have played it like year ago (only prologue), but first chapter should be released soon. It’s single player mod with awesome story and atmosphere, just like No More Room In Hell mod is total conversion, from what I remember you play as ex SWAT. Between the mission you have time to explore your house, which has some hidden mysteries.

Now it’s your turn!

I believe there is already a thread like this somewhere in this godforsaken place…
but while I am here:
Nightmare House Two. It is made of win. From it’s scary, dark core to it’s perpetually haunted exterior.

Mission improbable is a good hl2 episode 2 mod

Its good because its been very well made, great level design :slight_smile:

SMOD Redux V8, once you get it to work.

Sorry, not in the position to write a full summary of it, but The Stanley Parable is a pretty essential game for game designers to play. It’s also not that long, really.

And despite running on Half-Life 1, it’s definitely worth mentioning Cry of Fear, a full-conversion full-length singleplayer mod with all new enemies, inventory system, multiple endings, and a huge fanbase.

There is that awesome Half Life 2 mod I’ve found. It’s an absolute bomb though it’s not completed yet. However, I think it will be out soon. What do you guys think? Main page:

Too bad I don’t have EP2 and I can’t play most mods you’re writing about. Crap! I’ve also tried to instal Precursor, but it was missing to many textures to be playable. I will have to think about getting HL2EP2 (and EP1 too), but not just yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mistake of Pythagoras for a cool single player mod.
Empiresmod for rage. (Mixes FPS with RTS and a lot of vehicle combat)

Stanley Parable, Research and Development are the best for me :stuck_out_tongue: but never played that many mods.

EDIT: Also Minerva is really good.

I must agree on Minerva. It got Robin into ValvE so it’s rather impressive.
I also played this mod called “The Sewer”. I’m not going to lie. It’s not well made, and mapping isn’t exactly the best, but it offers some nice challenges and I enjoyed it.

Yeah, Minerva was awesome.

I’d like to say Mission improbable or The Stanley Parable. Yeah, MI has some problems and Stanley may be a little boring but the action and the humor, were really good respectively.

I have to recommend G-String. For a free mod, it is really very impressively long, intense atmosphere, and great use of sound. Don’t entirely agree with the overarching politics of the story that the creators were trying to tell, but it works in universe.

It only has a 7.7 on moddb and I don’t agree. It’s much better than that.

My only gripe is the level design sometimes makes you get lost and you’re not sure where you’re going, but still, I have enjoyed the mod immensely. Check it out.

GREY just released, go try it out.

surely smod beats any mod any day

in what other mod can you go around slapping CPs with a shovel, throwing highly explosive bananas from a bridge and use bullet time?

1187 episode 1, it’s freaking awesome!, it’s really like BMS style. The mod takes place in the beginning of the 7 hour war and there are new skins, new weapons, the voice acting is amazing, new kind of zombies and amazing maps and puzzles, check it out in

also you should play precursor, fucking well made mod too

someone finally mentioned 1187 its awesome , its like a mix of black mesa and smod :smiley:

did u guys knwo there is a free mmorpg with source engine developed by koreans?

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