Best Half-Life 2 mods


Played it. Scared the schlitt out of me. Loved every minute of it.


I heard somewhere that the guy who made these modifications to the source engine actually got hired by Valve


Fortress Forever and GoldenEye Source, to name a few Multi-player mods. Fun fact: people still play them.
I’m a fan of Research and Development (THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEQUEL) but the only issue I have with it is when you’re introduced to the zombie room and when you walk up to that window, I jumped out of my chair…



Cinematic mod. Weighs in at over 40 gigs but it’s a beauty.


Been playing some Grey… Pretty scary (I was shitting myself T_T Not very good with horrors) but amazingly fun.


Can’t believe no one mentioned Missing Information.

As mentioned above, Fortress Forever, despite the current team of developers on the mod are trying to rape it.

Half-Life 2: Wars if you want something to play that’s an RTS. Still in the development stages, but it’s pretty awesome to play.

In Development and isn’t released…
^ Its half-life counter-part was one of the best zombie co-op mods I’ve played.

Sven Coop, while for half-life is worthy of mentioning.


Eli is a bit :retard:

Alyx looks like a slut

otherwise, everything else looks nice except for the characters. They need to be locked in a portable toilet and thrown into the sewers and forgotten for centuries.


I remember someone here said CM had better character models because they DIDN’T have derpy eyes. lol.


If they left the characters alone, CM would be nice. However, it’s shit. How can you do THIS to Half Life’s characters?! T_T


And this is why I still haven’t downloaded the mod. Came close about three times, but then I always looked at screenshots of characters…


I’ve actually played the CM…but opted to keep the original models.


I remember synergie was the best mod in my option long tim ago, it was much better 5year ago when u were able to choose between characters ( I remember postal 2 dude ) and there were a lot of custom maps like halfmileisland with gargantuas and weapons from hl2beta.
and now? its just some people playing hl2 maps coop, no custom weapons, no custom maps…






Herp Derp


thats racist ! :smiley:


Enhanced the contrast and adjusted the brightness for better resemblance.


Eli doesn’t look that bad though. ;D I’ve played 1187 long time ago, first episode was awesome. Few days ago I’ve installed Missing Information, but I did not liked it. Funny thing is that few hours before I got it I’ve watched old Half Life tech demo. :slight_smile: From what I remember I’ve also played Stanley Parable and Dear Esther (both mod and full game), awesome stuff. :smiley:


I thought Cinematic Mod was fine. Of course I always kept every model to originals, but every once in awhile I would switch to the Alyx with glasses. I don’t know why :stuck_out_tongue:

The Stanley Parable is the most funniest mod I’ve played in a while (“Stanley decided to punish himself” [pushes down on elevator] “Oh Stanley…”), and I thought the mod THAT was decent, but a little bit boring and you are forced to play at highest settings (Anti-aliasing included) in order to really enjoy it. FLIPSIDE and DayHard also deserves a mention.


Nobodey mentioned garrys mod? :smiley:

There is a good mod called E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Indie but its not free

What about Insurgency and the upcoming 2nd part?

Have you ever heard VOID?

There is Dino D-Day on the list of the Not free source mods
or is that a separate game made by a company with the source engine? like might and magic: Dark Messiah?