Best Half-Life 2 mods


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i think alyx should just look liek this in cinematicmod:


Dangerous World is pretty awesome, as is Eye of the Storm.

Offshore is pretty good too. It’s not quite as well polished but by god is it long!


i used to like Pirates Vikings and Knights II and Half-Life 2 Battle Grounds 2
what about Firearms: Source or Fistful of frags?


Grey sucks, although it looks very good. Corridor/key mechanics with 95% locked doors are completely dated, guns are shit which isn’t too good when enemies are ridiculously resistant.

The mood is great until the first enemies appear, by then the tantalizing amount of horror tropes and boring mechanics has already taken its toll. The rest is straight sailing to see the ending cinematic.


I also enjoyed Half-Life: Precursor. I felt like I was playing a Valve game, not a mod.


I enjoy HL2 wars, Weekday warrior and fake factory.
I played Underhell which I enjoy alot, though I’m a pussy when it comes to the house.


What the dicking fuck did FF actually do to make the eyes so consistently terrible?


It looks like here right (your left) eye is slanted back more than the left.


FakeFactory sucks and CM is overrated.


She’s gone Herp Derp


I kind of like the look of CM’s maps, if only for the novelty of it. Is there any way to get those without having to download all the god-awful models and oversized textures?


Mission improbable 3.


I know this is related to HL1, but Half Life: Decay (the mod version). Made the game SO much more bearable, I hated the auto-aim in the PS2 version.


Has anyone tried this HL2 update mod?

Wondering if it’s worth getting for a replay of the game. I haven’t played it in about two years now.


there will be 3.0 released in 2012 Q3


That mod fucked up my Smod. uninstalled and never touched again.


Did anyone play NeoTokyo back when?

Oh god that game was so good. It’s a shame no one goes on the servers anymore. I get cravings for it occasionally.


I’m going to go out on a limb and mention a little known mod for HL2 where they recreate the events of Half-Life 1 but with updated graphics and everything. I think they’re naming it after the facility that you’re fighting the aliens in. Forget the name, though.



Everybody needs to try Riot Act ASAP. It’s great!