Best Half-Life 2 mods


I love Riot Act!

One of my favorite early 360 games.
(downloading the mod now)


There was an obscure map mod called “Union” a while back that had the player as a citizen escaping Nova Prospkt with a Vortigaunt friend. It was quite well done.

MINERVA: Metastasis has probably been mentioned, but it’s damn good. A shame there isn’t an official patch to the 2007 code, because when the engines were updated a bunch of Metastasis’ content got broken.

Dystopia is a very fun MP mod, as was Neotokyo. That mod was the shit. Anyone here want to play it with me? I could totally go for a game of that.

Insurgency was allright if you had a good team, but if you’re stuck with a bunch of COD retards the game falls apart fast. Plus the class limits on players mean I keep getting stuck with riflemen when I want to play sniper instead.

Get A Life was a really fun single player mod. Had a locational healing system like Deus Ex, totally new weapons, environments, and story. It’s rough around the edges, but it’s very fun.

Has anyone tried G-String mod yet? The graphics look amazing…


Was there ever any HL2 mods that involved Xen in some form at all other then HL1 creatures?


It’s not on Source, but Someplace Else, also by Adam Foster of MINERVA: Metastasis fame, kinda fits. It’s like… the only good Xen level ever made.


I believe the mod “Human Error” had some bits with Xen encroaching on Earth somehow - I forget exactly what was going on.


I would love to play it if anyone else would get it together. Just no time soon.

That fucking soundtrack.