Best Half-Life in-game chapter...

Time for you guys to post what chapter of Half-Life you think is the best… And by chapter I mean “Inbound”, “Anomalous Materials”, “Office Complex” etc.

Looking forward to seeing what your favorite chapters are…
Mine gotta be “Blast Pit”, it’s kinda epic! :3

And if you havn’t played Half-Life, shame on you! > :frowning:

My favorite is Surface Tension.

It would have to be Residue Processing for me. Not sure why…

How many people on this board does that apply to?

Mine has probably got to be Blast Pit too, its always the chapter I most look forward to when I play it.

Apprehension… I still get the shivers from the Icthyhosaur.

the crazy fingers monster tube is the bit that sticks w/ me

Lambda core. One of the best fighting scenes I’ve ever seen.

ST. ST all the way.

Either Unforseen Conseqences, WGH, or Blast Pit. I loved the creepy, claustrophobic atmosphere. Office Complex was pretty good, too.

I liked anom materials and unforseen concequences (sp is hard when exhausted)

Surface Tension, definitely.

Foxtrot Uniform. I know it’s not HL, but in the whole “HL, OpFor, BS” series, Foxtrot Uniform’s my fave.

Surface Tension. Foxtrot Uniform was definitely good, though.

I forget what ‘Foxtrot uniform’ is…

Anyway, I have to say Surface Tension. I have never understood anyone’s fears of the Icthyhosaur.

It’s a chapter in Opposing Force. You get the sniper rifle and fight shitloads of Voltigores, among other things.

It’s also NATO phonetic alphabet for Fucked Up.

Inbound so far

In terms of gameplay it sucks (nonexistent) but the atmosphere is just amazing! :slight_smile:

Unforseen Consequences

unforeseen consequences. the transformation of the AM labs really brought me into the game.

I gotta say it’s Lambda Core, I just love the feeling you get from playing that level, yaknow, you’re the one man left who gives a shred of hope for mankind? Yah, that feeling.


Well, actually, you get that through the whole game, but it’s really exemplified here.