Best Half-Life in-game chapter...


I’ve gotta say my favourite is gonna be Anomalous Materials, I can’t wait to interact with the scientists and look at the new labs!




You mean Episode 1 right? And you liked that part? I always hated that part with a passion.


I have to say On a rail and Questionable ethics. It’s because when I reach On a rail, the atmosphere reminds me of hell. You are deep under the surface, in those dark tunnels full of strange creatures and dead people. It’s like the horror, you know. A journey to the horror. Then you have Apprehension, and after it Residue process, that are like the transition between hell and heaven. When I get to the lobby of Questionable ethics, that is almost empty, but perfect, full of light, and I see the skies above my head across the glasses, then it’s like if I had reached the top of the world.

And then I get out, and I’m there, in the real world again, the surface. The moment you walk through the revolving doors, and finally break free from all that underground madness. The end.


I like your theories there, even more hell-ish are the voices/soft screams you hear from time to time when you’re On A Rail.


Oh, my bad.

Absolutely, that part made my skin crawl with excitement. I loved that the flashlight battery power was more valuable than ammo in Episode 1. Not to mention the satisfaction of turning the light back on to realize you actually hit a few of them dead guided only by sound.


On A Rail.

lol whut?
With me it was just the opposite.
I felt quite homy, because finally things started to make sense again. I was driving a fully functional tram, navigating through huge tunnels which, at the same time, gave me a sense of directional awareness and confidence.
When I first played the game I was like “Oh crap, I really do wanna get to the surface and fast. I probably won’t last long in this rouge facility.” But when I reached that chapter, I thought… might as well enjoy ourselves while we’re at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And that moment when you surface and see the rockets.
When you launch it.

Definitely my favorite part of the game.
(Closely followed by Questionable Ethics)