Beyond Good and Evil - many issues


Just downloaded a free copy of Beyond Good and Evil from Ubisoft 30 Years. (You can get your copy to that you will have forever, but it is offered for a short time)

First and biggest issue is lag. The game runs smooth in the menu, but in-game, when the intro starts, it lags crazy, huge frame rate drop, bellow 10 FPS.
I tried many different options in the Advanced Settings tab, but it didn’t help. I also tried a patch from MODDB: but i couldn’t patch it
because the patch didn’t recognise an installed game.
Then i tried the ENB mod. Finally some improvement. With the ENB mod, the game is able to run perfectly smooth, but now it has new issues.
Sudden screen flickering, HUD appearing and dissapearing during cutscenes or mid-game, textures and models also dissapearing from scenes.

Please help.



Here is the first place I look



Great help so far, thx.



Okay, i managed to get the game working, thank you!