Black Mesa=Area 51?

Is it possibly true or not? It seems to me it kinda resembles it…

Not really. Aliens showed up because of experimenting. It wasn’t like they found aliens and then made a structure to facilitate them.

You sure? The fact that the facility is “hidden and restricted” makes it kinda like Area 51 in Nevada.

Well, Black Mesa openly hires people for parts of the facility that aren’t “hidden and restricted.” It’s a normal workplace until you reach the more secretive, government-funded sci-fi research areas.

I see how you make the comparison, but I don’t think it’s like Area 51 at all.

Plus Black Mesa was a facility owned by a company. Area 51 is a military base owned by the federal government.

Area 51:

Black Mesa:

Area 51 is in Nevada and Black Mesa is in New Mexico.


wow two areas that are supposedly secret they must be the same thing

it’s very obvious that BM is based on 51

Ya but doesn’t BM have a military of it’s own too?

Oh boy, someone didn’t pay attention to the plot…

but seriously, don’t they have a military of there own?


oh ok, i get it.

The army invaded the base but no, they didn’t have an army of their own.
In the other hand they had lots of ammo and due to the nature of the research being done inside it (super duper high-tech weaponry research, portals, inter-dimensional portals, satellites) the security was very high and they employed lots of guards.

o, ok.

I think this guy just wants to start some kind of discussion, but it’s imposibble in this forum with all the fail tries of “wannabe rude” around =P

They gotta learn the hard way.

Clearly he has mistaken Gordon Freeman for Black Mesa’s own army.

Area 51 is an air base with experimental aircraft and probably some other experimental stuff.
Black Mesa is a weapons test range. Missiles were fired from White Mesa to Black Mesa.