Black Mesa=Area 51?


Okay I get it now.


Supposedly Half Life 1 is loosely based off of Stephen King’s The Mist

Great short story, great movie, and great game I guess :slight_smile:


Ok, when it comes to the HL universe, Black Mesa is a research facility that used to be an old military rocket silo. When the events of HL1 happened, Black Mesa was being used for all kinds of secret research and experimentation for the US military, however it does not have its own army, just an armed security force.

Gordon Freeman was working on the Hazardous Materials area, researching methods of teleportation using extraterrestrial materials that were being harvested in Xen. Anyways, after the whole experiment failed and the shit hit the fan, a special force of the US Marines was called in to kill everyone in Black Mesa, so any information about this incident wouldn’t spread out to the outside world, as well as the aliens.

edit: oh, almost forgot, eventually we do find out that Black Mesa was studying the Xen fauna well before the incident, even though that was highly classified even inside BM.


Yeah, I remember that, they called it the arrowhead project right?


The arrowhead project was the experiment the army was conducting, correct. Basically the army was looking into portal technology between worlds (same as half life) and they accidentally collided their universe with another and then all went to hell. In The Dark Tower series you learn that the mist was created by the touching of the universes, and actually didn’t come from the other universe. Anyways Half Life was kind of inspired by that idea. Its all on the Half Life wiki and It is true, I remember Gabe Newell talking about it some time ago.


HL was called Quiver during the early stages of production IIRC, which was the name of the military base in The Mist.


No i think this guy is WAITING to play BM before he playes Half-Life, which is a BIG[/SIZE] mistake


He could just watch Freeman’s Mind if he doesn’t want to spend 10 dollars


Why? If I had played HL2 first & I knew that Black Mesa was being made I wouldn’t even bother with HL1.


Toobad hl1 is not available in stores anymore :frowning:


The internet will always be your friend:


The base was called Arrowhead base, which is what “Quiver” was referring to…It may also pertain to Quake, HL’s other inspiration at the time.

Black Mesa is just supposed to be the realization of a government funded research center of everything, that ultimately siphons back to the U.S. government, as it’s their investment that drives most of the major research. alien and scifi weaponry/vehicles. There are visionaries like Vance and opportunists like Gman, and Bureaucratic power mongers like Breen. And clearly, there are some disagreements in which direction science should be taken.


Ooops I got it backwards. Black Mesa was the missile range in Utah next to the four corners region. They fired missiles to White Sands. White Mesa is just north of Black Mesa.


Blasphemy! NOTHING beats the original Half-Life. Even this amazing mod.


And why is that? If it were just a graphical enhancement & identical in every other way, then the only difference would be graphics, which would make the mod better. Even then, the mod is supposed to improve the gameplay of chapters like xen, which could be radically improved, so the end product would just plain be better than the original.


The one thing that gets me itchy is that there is an apache helicopter at the beginning of the game


I think there were comments in opposing force and decay that the nearby military base was the one most directly involved with them but weren’t actually working for/with them. It seems like the most logical explanation and could explain that apache during imbound.


The devs are developing Black Mesa at Area 52, Everyone knows that


Black Mesa has a very little difference to Area 51, Black Mesa has scientist,guards,aliens being experimented (and later on creating havoc) while Area 51 is just like Black Mesa, There had been rumors (or real) that they are holding an U.F.O spaceship there or some weird alien technology, We don’t know. While at Black Mesa, They create weapons for the future and things, Hence they have the created the 2 most diabolical weapons in the world, Tau Cannon and the Egon gun, So it is very obviously, Black Mesa is very different from Area 51, Black Mesa later failed on experimenting aliens of very wild behavior which caused Black Mesa to silenced by the government and be attacked by the aliens,

Got another question to you guys, Did Area 51 failed to hold a Alien or U.F.O spaceship just like Black Mesa?


It was just a weather balloon nothing to be concerned about…