Black Mesa=Area 51?


and you necropost to say THIS? FUCK YOU.


Can a mod please lock this? It pissing me off that it was bumped :hmph:


They only served to be human shields


Who the fuck is Charlie Sheen?

Seems like everyone started bringing this actor guy up and comparing him to Rasputin out of the blue. It would be nice if people shut the F- up about this guy so I can live my life without mainstream constantly flooding my ears.


The highest paid actor in the world, plays the role as Charlie Harper in “Two and a half Men”, is pretty alike Charlie Harper in “Two and a half Men” and he have now ran into a lot of trouble.


i think he’s awesome so blow me


No im not a bot and im 21 years old Kind sir and my Enter key is right above my Right Shift key TYVM. And i was replying to the dudes question sense when is it illegal to reply to a dudes question? O wait thats right you don’t live in the USA and well um I do! I love Freedom Of Speech and all my freedoms givin to me :smiley: also in the game Half-Life Black Mesa is reported to be in the New Mexico Desert which is also in the USA :smiley: . So bro do you know anything about the USA other then what you see on the news?


I’ve been lurking these forums for about 2 years now (consistently lurking, not occasional checks) because I’m just not much of a forum guy, I almost never join any.

I had to join just to respond to this dude.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m pretty sure this guy just made me a little retarded because I don’t know wtf to think. If you’re trolling, you’ve done a great job. It takes a lot for me to respond to nonsensical bullshit.

But seriously…wtf…


get over your american chauvinism please, i didnt even read your post because it was structured so shittily (which is i why i guessed you were a bot or 12, and now im just thinking you have some sort of mental disorder which impairs your language skills)


lets correct everything wrong with this post. Shall we?

I am sincerly sorry to anyone outside the US who read this dumb fucks post.

99.99% of Americans ARE NOT like this


yes they are


no they really arnt. People just act retarded on the internet


Stop arguing! You’re making my vision on Americans hurt!


Wow, seeing that box on amazon really takes me back. I wish I could relive that part of my teenage years.

Shit, I didn’t realize this was a necro-post. Now I feel like a fool… oh well!


I’d think it be really cool to hang around the ruins of Black Mesa.


Black Mesa, where did we go wrong?


Are you… a troll?




It’s obvious that it’s just a brain washed red-neck kid trolling. Dude, I know many Americans and think most of them are very likeable.
To you promiser, stop defending your country no matter what. I mean, it’s a freaking videogame.
Back on topic: Black Mesa was a privately owned company, I never said that they didn’t have government funding


I wounder if Russians still think Americans are evil capitalist democrats like Americans think soviet are evil communist dictators?
Back on topic: How can Black Mesa be a private owned company and government founded at the same time?