Black Mesa=Area 51?


Because now Freeman are in the helicopter with Alyx, Eli is dead.


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Black Mesa is Black Mesa. Area 51 is Area 51. The two are separate.
Want proof?
Black Mesa is a civilian operated and government funded research facility comprised of some of the best minds the world has to offer.
Area 51 is a military installation used for testing top secret aircraft*
Black Mesa is situated inside, on and next to, a large mesa.
Area 51 is in a valley.
Black Mesa is a former Cold War missile base.
Area 51 is a currently running airbase.

*As far as we can tell. They do have the longest runway in the world, so it’s very likely that they test aircraft they don’t know the exact specs of, and it’s high security, and does not officially exist. (However, they never told the guy who put up the signs that, and as such, the signs read Area 51)


That’s true, my father used to work there when they were first testing the stealth fighter and bomber.


But we can still say that both of them are highly restricted areas …


And that’s where the similarities end.

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area 51 is owned by black mesa who made a lot of alien rumors around it so most paranoid people would focus all of their attention in nevada so black mesa could do its doubtable tests in relative peace over in new mexico


Plus Black Mesa was a facility owned by a company. Area 51 is a military base owned by the federal government.[ First I’ll admit that I’m quite sad when it comes to Black Mesa & Aperture Science history. From this though I have learned that Black Mesa are the leading company from the two, regardless of who stole from who, and this is because Black Mesa are government owned. They ARE protected by the American military, just as the real life conspiricy facilities are. Even further, they were started AND ended by the government because they have all the power. Aperture Science is a bank rupt company who have their ideas stolen because they are independant and unassossiated wuith government or power. Use your fucking heads, people. Not even that infact, just listen to the plots and conversations through-out both. Anyrthing you want to know is mentioned in both game series./QUOTE]

Black Mesa


Yes, but on steroids. :smiley:
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I always thought that was a play on “quake”



black mesa was based off of area 51 so… yeah


Now that you put it that way, I think they’re intentional polar opposites for irony’s sake and therefore are related.


Black mesa has Gordon Freeman, area 51 doesn’t, 'nuff said.


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It seems that people here forgot that Black Mesa was, in fact, experimenting on aliens from Xen. In Opposing Force you had to go through specimen observation chambers that resembled Xen and held aliens. Also, in Blue Shift Dr. Rosenberg says that the older teleportation technology developed at Black Mesa needed to go through Xen in order to go anywhere. It was explained that these were top secret and that very few people were authorized to know about them.


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