Black Mesa: Blueshift


what are you going to do with this project since black mesa is coming to steam


It’s likely that it’ll be ported to whatever this new engine is, or scrapped altogether, or left sitting here for a while until enough is known about this new engine to actually do something, or he’ll release it for the current version of black mesa, considering the steam version probably won’t be out till 2015 or something. It’s not exactly easy to build up a 1998 award winning game from scratch.
Not that I would have any experience of course.




out of curiosity, why did you start your own mod instead of joining the guard duty guys?


because this mod is based on BM, Guard Duty isn’t;


I started working on this again after I managed to get hammer to work for me :slight_smile:

I know it looks really ugly at the moment but i was eager to show something so people don’t think it is all dead haha.

Remember it is just me doing this whenever I have time so it’s going to take a while.


Are you fucking kidding me? It looks really nice!
Glad you’ve got Hammer working. It’ given a crapload of devs a bit of a run for a while.


Great work so far. Btw, IDK if you are even at the point in which you are really caring about textures, but I beleive that the crowbar material should have more reflection intensity, similar to 70% of all BM materials. I know that some people dislike this, but I just thought it good to bring it up.


Could any of these Half Life+Episodes train cars and engines be placed in the freight yard?


I think European locomotives would look out of place in the middle of New Mexico.


“Unused EMD GP60 freight locomotive”

“An EMD GP60 is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between 1985 and 1994”

American-style wagons:

Hopefully that’s the nerdiest I’ll ever be about trains :stuck_out_tongue:


Wouldn’t they be larger freight trains or something, though?


Weird, I thought the unused locomotive was also an European one, my mistake. :slight_smile:

Anyway, you might want to check page 35 and around, I think the matter was discussed before and Skyms opted for cleaner models from Left 4 Dead or CS.


Those Left 4 Dead flat wagons look more flexible anyway.


Yeah this was discussed before, I initiated the discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a picky person, I argued against the CSS models because they were extremely disproportionate and in my opinion, very ugly because of that. So instead he switched to L4D models, which are much much nicer.

Edit: Although looking back I seemed kinda demanding, hope he wasn’t bothered by that :frowning:


Jesus Christ, that hand looks big as hell. It’s like Calhoun’s a retard and put his hand right below his eye.


I’m not dead! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve graduated from uni and have a full time job now but amazingly i’m still managing to get work done :slight_smile: Sorry for hammer shots!!!




Cool. Welcome back!


Hey hey! Welcome back skyms, glad to hear things are going well, glad to see progress too!