Black Mesa: Blueshift


Excellent! I was getting worried! I’m really looking forward to seeing this release.
I love Blue Shift, and that train yard looks sexy.


Looks great!
Good to hear you’re at it again, skyms, and I hope you’re happy with you’re new job as well :slight_smile:
Been lurking here for quite sometime now and I gotta say that I am really impressed that you do this all on your own (as far as I can remeber) I am really looking forward to this! Thanks in advance for all this effort, man!


I can’t wait to see how you much you expanded that area of the game. Good luck! :wink:


I do have to say many of us are looking forward to this.


Mostly on his own, he has (had?) a modeller to help with some of the non-Hammer stuff, like hands.


What I have seen here has impressed me beyond belief. I recommend putting everything in the OP though.


What you’ve done is great. Those pictures look really well done. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to create something so good.


Just some messing around I’m doing with the teleporter :slight_smile:


Very nice, but do consider using much older computer monitors. LCD’s are fairly recent and this part of the facility is supposed to much older than Anomalous Materials.


This is a good point. I’d suggest using equipment that is found in Blast Pit, Power Up, and On A Rail. I’ve always assumed they were built during the same era, personally.

Besides that small nitpick, looking good! Seems like you’re getting pretty close! :slight_smile:


Very good idea! :slight_smile:


Will you wait BMS team release xen part to fit their style before going on the developement of Xen part ?



You have your work cut out for you. Black Mesa was at it’s best when it redeemed the concepts of it’s source material and elaborated on them, and with the compelling concepts that Half-Life and Opposing Force presented, a polished and inspired remake of those games would be surefire gold. Half-Life’s Uplink was also a favorite, but I couldn’t help but feel that the remake made the adventure flaccid and soulless. But then we have Blue Shift, the game that could have passed for a lackluster mod in it’s “heyday.” If a remake can make a good experience so weak, what’s a remake gonna do to an experience that was weak already?


Why don’t you wait and see?


Maybe the fact that they’re different projects by different people. Don’t use one person’s work as a reference for another’s skill.


It can be different. HL’s OAR was boring and remade and it is now visually good and also a good experience now.


I must disagree. Blue Shift, although not as big a project as Opposing Force, was a solid, well-made entry that felt like it belonged. I honestly felt that it seemed closer to Half-Life than OpFor did, and that a lot of work was put into it. I haven’t finished Blue Shift yet, so I’m not really qualified to fully defend it, but what I have played didn’t feel like a “lackluster mod.” It felt like I was playing Half-Life, but from a different perspective with a slightly different atmosphere.

P.S. *its


You should beat it. It’s SUPER short. And… I really like Blue Shift as well… but I can see some places people see issues, especially with the ending. It kind of conflicts with Half-Life in a mod-ish way. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see how it conflicts. Please elaborate, and, in the process, show me how spoiler tags Work :stuck_out_tongue: