Black Mesa: Blueshift


Wow. I never answered you. Sorry about that!

and… spoilers from a 2 hour game from 2001 require a tag? …Alright. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Except it appears there are no spoiler tags… at least none that I can see. I’ll black it out and make it tiny below, and you can highlight it or copy-paste it to notepad to read it. If there are spoiler tags, and someone can show me how they work are, I’ll happily apply them. I have tried several things, and none of them seem to work

[color=Red]2001 Blue-Shift Spoilers:
In the end when you take Rosenberg to that old transporter, it does essentially the same thing the HUGE machine in the Lambda Complex does, even though it’s a quarter of the size, and markedly older… that… doesn’t make any sence, and has a mod-ish feel, in my opinion.

[/b][/i][/u][color=White]Regardless of that sillyness, I LOOOVE Blue-Shift and look forward to seeing what Skyms comes up with. :smiley:


What you could even do is give it the color code #191919 and make it totally invisible to anyone who doesn’t highlight it, instead of the eye-attracting spoiler tags.




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Actually you get to explore the rest of the lab and it is quite large, with coolant reserve and such. Still I agree the platform itself seemed ridiculous compared to the one hooked to the Lambda reactor. It should be at least as large as the anti-mass spectrometer from the beginning of Half-Life. Maybe there’s room for expansion here.


…After all the effort putting in spoiler tags. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywhoo, YES. The facility was large, BUT, that dinky platform with the silly spinning bolt at the top kinda challenged my suspension of belief, especially considering this is OLDER technology that is more compact and seems to do the same thing as the grandiose Lambda teleport.

It would even be fine to leave the platform small if there was a lot of junk around it. Maybe with a bunch of more mechanical-looking parts around it, with coolent pipes EVERYWHERE, and have it damage the player when they go though. “This version was never perfected Calhoun, so this may hurt a bit.”

Just ideas. :slight_smile:


all i have been thinking is…CHUMTOADS IN HD


This is awesome, thanks so much for doing this! btw how come this isn’t on greenlight yet?


The mod is on ice as of now. And Steam Greenlight isn’t an option without approval from the Black Mesa guys, and Valve, and would probably be more trouble than worth.


BM Steam release is gonna have a workshop. This could be posted there.


Speaking of steam release, that’s what is being waited on currently, just so you know.


Keeping an eye on this for sure.


Is this mod Dead? 8|


I hope it’s not!


IIRC they’re waiting for the Steam release.


Nah its dead. Lastest screens or infos over year ago


Would love an update regarding this. Would make an awesome addition to our steam workshop.


A year? Where do you think we are?


As I said before, I think they were waiting for steam BM, our possibly Xen. I don’t remember where I read it, bit that’s what’s sticking in my head.