Black Mesa: Blueshift


Last update on tripmine site is dated 03-26-2014 r… so ?


Tripmine site? Isn’t this thread about “BM Insecurity” mod? Because Tripmine’s mod is “Guard duty” (and also Operation BM)


Also, as a member of Tripmine, Guard Duty isn’t dead.


So this isn`t same mod as guard duty ?


It isn’t. This mod is meant to be for Black Mesa.


No. BM Insecurity and Guard Duty are two different mods. GD is still in work alongside OPBM, whereas Insecurity seems dead.


Insecurity is a Black Mesa fan mod/add-on handled by Skyms and I believe a 3D artist.
Guard Duty is a standalone independent game handled by Tripmine Studios. The goal of each is very similar but are completely different projects.


The creator is waiting on Retail last I heard. Not sure if he’s still moving forward with it or not though.


I’m not dead lol and neither is this project.

I need to wait for Xen before I can finish it as that is basically the only section I have left to do.

I can’t promise it will be 100% polished once I port it to the retail version and I can’t promise that it will work 100% but I will get it there so help me.


Ah, I knew I wasn’t crazy. Still looking forward to what you’ve created :smiley:


FYI…test everything :wink: . Weird errors will pop up after the port. We had a ton.


Blue Shift? Yes!!


Hurray haha

It was buggy enough as it stands now let alone after I begin porting!

I imagine it will be better though because a lot of my maps were pushing the current build way too hard and i hate having to cull detail :frowning:


I never played the original blue shift, but I look forward to your rendition of it, skyms. Good luck with all the bugs i’m sure will appear.


I always thought you merged with Tripmine or something, since you both are working for a similar goal.


Area portals are your best friend…


Posted a shot over on my moddb

Everyone thinks this project is dead when it is far from it!

Porting the mod over to retail is going well so far :slight_smile:

Have come across a few weird errors but nothing too crazy!


Damn, looking fun!


Will this still be made available for the original free version of the game? I hope so.


@skyms2663, why dont you split it into 2 releases: First one - full campaing right before sending player to Xen, and the second with Xen? Crowbar Interactive style[/size]