Black Mesa: Blueshift


Glad to hear things are going well!


I had no idea this was a thing !
Arghgh can’t wait it looks amazing :smiley:


@Long Nange
It would be quite short since the Xen part in Blue Shift happens roughly in the middle of the game (chapter 5 out of 8).

Glad to know you’re still on your mod. Honestly I’m curious to see how much you progressed on the freight yard.


Hit my first major milestone!

The entire game is playable from start to finish! (minus Xen of course) :stuck_out_tongue:

There are 14 maps (I merged a few of them) and it currently takes roughly 1 hour to get through at the moment and this is also without much of the game play that I am yet to add and Xen of course.

Looking back at it, I honestly cannot believe how I managed to get all of the level design finished by myself while managing uni and now full time work.

The detailing and fine tuning begins! :smiley:


Awesome news, man! Hopefully you don’t have to do any major changes once you get to setting up proper gameplay. That’s caught me off guard a few times, and always ended in disappointed and wasted time.


All sections that have major gameplay elements to them are not detailed yet (mostly the latter parts of the game).

The first 6-8 maps or so have finalised gameplay in them that I am more or less happy with.

I don’t wan’t people to expect 100% polished faultless gameplay out of this, I’m not a professional by any stretch.

This is just a fun little project that keeps me busy and I’m not really trying to prove anything to anyone, but yes it is annoying sometimes when something just absolutely doesn’t work how you want to the point where you just start from scratch :slight_smile:


Yes I will be doing the same.


Yay for panoramas


Looks great.




When I played Blue Shift originally, I thought the idea of having the cafeteria carved into the rockface of the cave was really stupid. I just went through the tram ride at the beginning and it still is.

But then I looked at the panorama shot above and it looks believable to me. Good work, team! I want to play this!


I think it goes well with the outside vistas Black Mesa’s developers made for the tram ride. The view is impressing and it would make a nice living area actually, as opposed to the cafeterias down in Sector D which look kinda claustrophobic. As someone said in a review, Blue Shift’s first chapter shows more of the living conditions around the facility than Half-Life’s.


Wow… keep up the good work!


Give it to us!

It looks amazing!


I congratulate you on this progress, hopefully soon Xen is completed and can launch Blue Shift


It looks beautiful. I cant wait to play it when its done. Hopefully there will be a demo released.




Already putting Steam textures to good use, I see. :slight_smile:


Nice sign, it really looks old with the wooden plank texture behind the paint. Still, I think the original sign said “Section A-17” instead of “Sector A-17.” I’m not sure if it’s an issue though, I don’t know which sector it is supposed to be located at (the freight yard is next to Sector G, which has freight hangars in Opposing Force).



You are correct, I fixed it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pick up!