Black Mesa: Blueshift


Fun little fact - Bard originally made that concrete texture for the Gasworks towers, hence why it has a top, repeating middle bit, and a bottom texture. But it turned out to be such a damn nice concrete texture that the MP level designers just started using it everywhere!

And that’s the story of how MP was textured.

The stuff you’ve shown off so far looks really impressive. I know a lot of us on the team are really excited to see what you guys do with this. Keep up the great work!


I bet, it’s super nice! I’ve even made small variants for me to use.


Some work in progress shots from Captive Freight! :slight_smile:

Still a lot of polishing to go but it’s getting there!


Nice work man, really loving how this is coming along, looking forward to getting my hands on it in the future ^^

That strip light in the last shot seems a bit overdone though or is that the HDR bloom kicking in?


Those areas sure look good, especially the underground storage and the yard (the length is perfect and the wagons seem ideal as covers for a fight). The parking lot is also a nice touch to detail the entrance. The tracks and the turntable’s platform need a bit more detailing, but the rest still looks good. Also I love the landscape you made all around, it’s like the freight yard is niched between the rocky hills and easy to miss when surveying the base.


Looks to me like just a case of quadratic falloff being annoying. Should be easily fixable.


I’m hoping to have the track pieces and turntable modeled at some point to allow for more detail.

I’ve also updated the shots with the comparison:


Genius!!! Super!!! I love it. Good job.

Do you have a image of the new Dr Rossenberg?


Not yet, but soon! :slight_smile:

And ugh, no idea how the devs managed to put up with people saying their mod was dead all the time.

Thanks to Valve News Network, I keep getting pm’s from people saying ‘pretty sure you’re dead because VNN said so, but can you pls say you are not dead’…

Even with my media and fairly consistent updates on here… wish he had done a little bit more research and saw that my silence was due to waiting for BM retail because I think it has caused people to not be as interested in it anymore haha.

Oh and then there are the people that think I’m lying and setting up fake scenes (lololol) because I managed to do all of the level design (minus Xen) on my own.

People, honestly :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re doing a great job with your mod. Can’t wait to play it when it’s ready!


Haven’t been here for a while.
Awesome updates!


Ah yeah, the whole “mod is dead lol” routine.

Just ignore it as best you can, even with the internet at peoples fingers tips, they seem to lack any basic research functionality and go on the basis of what 1 individual will state who is ill informed to begin with.

I’m really impressed with your design of the areas, its really captivating when you post new screenshots, keep up the great work and ignore the mod dead knockers :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you feelin’ it now, Mr. Skyms?
Gets annoying, quick. “Dude, just take two seconds to read!” It eventually gets easier to just ignore it, all else you can do is keep explaining it’s not, but that’s not worth it.

At least explaining that it’s not dead is easier than explaining why there’s no release date. Even though it’s so simple, some people just don’t seem to understand.


That’s the Internet for you: tons of people who can’t search for themselves and ask questions without thinking, and scare each other with the worst hypotheses.


Welcome to our world…



But very impressive!

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It is a kind of virus.
Invent gossip not to think


So what are the release dates for Insecurity, Operation: Black Mesa, Guard Duty, Hazard Course, the Uncut mods, and Xen?

Without dates I assume those projects are all dead.

/me runs


Interesting selection, is that the raw_barn list of noteworthy upcoming BMRF-related mods?


You can certainly call the mods on that list noteworthy compared to more than half of the Black Mesa workshop on Steam. (Gee! You get to choose your crowbar’s color! Such wow. 8o )

Well, the good point with the workshop is that people can stop complaining about every nook and crannies in Black Mesa and do shit themselves.