Black Mesa: Blueshift


Actually yes, by total coincidence. The list was chosen based on all the mods/games I thought I saw devs from responding in this thread, in an attempt to wind up as many people simultaneously as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I guess with the exception of the Uncut mods, but I assume Chon will probably read it at some point, art which point he needs to furnish me with a firm release date. :smiley:


Won’t be as awesome as BM’s test chamber re imagining but I hope there is enough to keep it fresh while also feeling familiar.

My aim for this entire section of the game is to lean it more towards the familiar as this part of the facility is considered outdated thus I thought it would be neat to have it appear more ‘half lifey’ to make it feel old :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a blurry pic because I still have a long way to go haha.


:wink: good work

  • Do you plan on including some special references to BM, f.e. “Hey, Calhoun! Don’t forget that beer you owe to your friend from sector C!” or having a paper with a note “Buy Gordon a beer” sticked inside his closet ?
  • Is there a possibility to release the game without Xen parts and later include them as an “uncut”? Or is the game going to be released in full?
  • Can we expect some additional puzzles, extended areas and so on?

You’re doing great work! :slight_smile:


Possibly, leaning towards yes (as I want this) - if I can get a more experienced choreographer and some voice actors then yes

No - in BS you kinda go to Xen sorta half way in the game and then come back to finish the rest so it’s just easier if I wait for Xen

and yes :slight_smile:


Hey will be there any beta version or something soon? Thanks in advance i can’t wait for this!!!


Exclusive BM forum media because i haven’t had an update in a while haha, lighting looks a bit yucky because these sections are still being touched up so I haven’t done final comps on any of them.

Pretty sure most of you will know where each of these are in BS :slight_smile:




Second one would benefit from lots of shadows, esp. some sharper ones.


I’m not sure the lighting in the first area should be that brown- both the original map and other sections of BM Inbound had more of a blue-white lighting style more similar to the second area. There are some parts with more brown lighting in the missile-factory area, but judging by what we see in the intro tram ride Security is not in that part of the Facility.

The second area looks really good, but are the lower-level catwalks player-accessible? If so, I feel like they look a little “flat” right now and could use a different texture than that concrete, some kind of thicker border delineating the “edge”, some stain/trash/whatever decals, or some combination thereof.


I didn’t recognize at first the bridge area from the beginning, with G-Man appearing on board of a tram. I’m not sure a waste canal looks good right here, since a tram line is going above. I wouldn’t like to board on that line if it smells like sewers.

On the second pic, that platform looks too thin to be used as storage area. The giant fan is a nice touch, but there’s perhaps a better texture for the ceiling. Also I think the elevator in the layout of the original map was there to allow workers to go down into the canal and remove large debris like crates when they are blocking the grinder. In that extent, you should consider stairs for access along those side balconies instead of just ladders.


It’s all about details!

U need to make the rooms logic, so indeed how they get debris out of the water, with a stair, where does this stair go, where does it end…


Well the first isn’t a tram platform, its a waste canal that a tram goes over with a bridge coming down when finished.

As for the second, I can play around but that area looks very plain and uninteresting if you take out all the stuff so I will think some more about how to use the space. There is also no ladder and is in fact a small lift in the back corner.



What doesn’t make sense with that room is having a heavy lift elevator for what looks like a dead end. It should be a hub for the rest of the waste processing facility, probably to move repair stuff and equipments down there, so adding a large door acting as a main entrance wouldn’t look out of place. In addition, it could also be used as a small storage room like you did, though you need to make that platform look thicker and more solid.


Teaser yay …


Ok, the HE Particle labs look fabulous, but Insecurity still looks a little rough. I’m glad you went with the more concrete look for the storage area, though, and… was that a Houndeye standing on its hind leg???


If you are able to be more specific about what looks rough I might be able to improve it :slight_smile:


why the images are so dark?, i can´t se the some details


Well, I’m not a big fan of the way the concrete walls just end in that one alcove, how the drop ceiling just ends in the cupola(?) section, and how large and comparatively empty the room is (which is strange, as the Questionable Ethics lobby that I am comparing this heavily too is also empty and it doesn’t stick out to me nearly as much there). You may want to put some more big vents or something on the walls so that they are not just bare concrete, add some trim to the areas where ceiling and wall meet, and move the desk out into the center or otherwise put something large there.

Also not a big fan of that floor pattern even if Insecurity originally had almost exactly that- you should try the gray office tile or something, and make the logo a watermark more like the QE one.


I don’t think you ever showed a pic of the room with the HECU dropping bodies before this teaser. It looks great, especially the lighting.