Black Mesa: Blueshift


Congrats! You’re featured on a big french video game website!


We need to playtest this before judging it by such a short vid


Thanks for your faith Dragunov :slight_smile:


Dear Skyms,

Please stop being awesome and attracting attention. Every time you update, I have to tell someone we know of you, and aren’t merging Guard Duty with Insecurity.


On a more serious note, I’m really looking forward to playing this, the teaser has me all excited, now.


LOL Sorry Crypt!

I will minus some awesome next time! :smiley:


Just give it, I beg you on my bare knees!





Uh oh


That looks quite neat, and now I really want to see the train accident scene in video. :slight_smile:


The train derailment sequence actually always bothered me in Blue Shift, and I am wondering if you had plans to update it to make it more “comprehensive”?

I could see the electrical failure causing the train to slow down or stop suddenly, or even for the brakes to fail, but it always looked really weird to me to see it just suddenly speed up and derail for no reason. What might really be cool is for part of the ceiling or catwalk to shake loose and fall onto the track, and for that to derail the train…


What’s the size now of the install?


In this scene i want to say “don´t enter to the elevator”, hahaha.


wow! some awesome work here.

Any plans to make a steam group for this ? (for easy tracking since I don’t moddb and more)


Any news on development yet?


Seriously? Didn’t he give some like last month?


We just all want to play this awesome mod, that’s why we cannot wait and keep on asking questions regarding this mod…


I’ve redone all of the Security maps as I originally made it very cramped with a lot of conflicting textures and lighting, also was loosely based on the original.

The new version is more plain but i’m trying to go for a less is more approach seeing as this is a section of the facility that the administration would spend the least amount on.

Very early wip:


You no render pretty image?!?

Just joking, nice to see you tweaking the map.




Off to a decent start.