Black Mesa: Blueshift


This one is made for the Retail or Free version of the mod/game?




Nice one!

Looking forward, AGAIN, to play this!


Playing around with godrays!


That actually looks really nice to be honest ^^




Ouh snap that’s nice!


It’s kinda funny, really. Two guys have almost entirely remade Blue-Shift in a few years on probably not very good computers,released media for it,while Trip-Mine Studios Hasn’t released almost any media for their remake, Guard Duty, haven’t spoken about it in years, and they’re a full team of people with probably decent computers. Plus, this one is using BMS assets and weapons for it, in order to stay in line with BMS. I’d say i would probably play this over Guard Duty.


Also, i have an idea: Once this is fully finished, you could submit it to Crowbar Collective to see if they would at it as a second campaign in Black Mesa. That would be great. :smiley:


That’s not happening. CC won’t be officially integrating any third-party content. There won’t be all that much benefit to doing so anyway, given that you’ll probably be able to install it easily yourself once it’s finished.


I don’t get the “make it official!” group. It introduces all sorts of complications just so you don’t have to install it through the Workshop, and to no further benefit.



Guard Duty and BMI are totally two different things, might as well be anyway.

Trying to accomplish different things.


Oh, okay. Just wanted to know.


Yeah two different projects with two different goals.

We also showed new content for guard duty in December, just so you know :wink:

BTW skyms2663, recent content has been looking great, gotta love those God rays, look forward to seeing your next content drop :smiley:


New Guard Duty content? Thanks for the update, i’ll see if i can find it.


Also, sorry if that seemed ranty or hurtful, just been waitin’ SO LONG for a Guard Duty/OBM update, i actually thought they were dead for a while. I think i’ll end up liking both Insecurity and Guard Duty.


I have quite a lot of new exciting content to show :wink:

Been some very positive changes!




Also, speaking of fan sequels/remakes…Prospekt: new Half-Life 2 campaign launches February 11 on Steam | Games


now that’s something to get excited about on a Monday :smiley: