Black Mesa: Blueshift


Made a new thread for Prospekt, go here:

Now to get back on topic, is this mod, when finished, going to have some
unique features?


Well it’ll feature a unique campaign.


The original Black Mesa East :stuck_out_tongue:


oh you beautiful bastard.


That’s the first time you show us that angle. I like the placement of the security station.


I really really want to play this!

It’s looking good, very good!


I remember in the original game, when the wagon down to the tunnels, two scientists spoke, but did not understand anything of what they said.


Out of curiosity, do you plan on including construction and/or office worker models?


Probably not because of the complexity behind doing it properly.

BM is very limited in terms of how you can mod it to the point that I can’t even change font/HUD colours, or change the battery pickup to a security vest without severely hacking the crap out of it.


That’s a bummer. Can’t you ask the CC team for any assistance or approval that would allow you to have
better and/or simpler ways to work on your mod?


Several other major mods have run into these problems, including Hazard Course and BMPD. The developers have mentioned a few times that they will be adding additional functionality, but always in very nonspecific terms.


The easiest way for us to be able to navigate what modders want, is if we get specific lists, with very specific requests. Perhaps there could be a topic for this, and we’ll see what we can do for CU3?


Really all it would need to do is to just mount the content in my workshop folder instead of defaulting to BM content even when there is a conflicting file under the workshop mod.

For example even though I might have a custom titles.txt in my workshop folder, when I mount my vpk i usually just expect it to use that instead and to overwrite BM content however it currently isn’t doing this as far as from what I can tell.

In an ideal world, modding BM would be the same as creating a custom mod for Half Life 2, but with all the source code legalities a boy can only dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

No major drama though, I’m not fussed as the bulk majority of my content can be completed, it’s just the nitty gritty that is more difficult.


Mhm, we’ve also had discussions with CC regarding getting some things fixed that were giving us trouble with HC. It does seem the most widely modder-friendly approach would be a sort of “plz fix for mods” thread, though it may get inundated with random little bugs that aren’t relevant, or totally non-specific or vague things.

Funnily enough, one of the big problems we’ve had is issues with files in the scripts folder not being read, with stock files being read instead. Mounting various ways, results are totally inconsistent. Huge issue when you want to change that sort of backend stuff, or if like us, you use soundscripts for your choreo and captions, or custom soundscapes or menu modification or what have you.

We’re still working on our list! :open_mouth: We don’t wanna give something useless like “hudhints are broken halp.”


Make a thread for it, and I’ll moderate it with an iron fist. Irrelevant, non-modder requests that aren’t specific or useful enough will be crushed. We’re trying our best to support the modding community but Source doesn’t make it easy!


Get to… iron… fisting… the thread like a metal hivehand.

Sorry to derail your thread, Skyms!


lol not even, I need this.




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I think it should be very large.
Because teleport chamber in original Half Life is newer, but all the same it’s big.


Nice !

But after it finished , think about Black Mesa Opposing Force & Black Mesa Decay !