Black Mesa: Blueshift


Nicely done,but i hope you will add an additional areas like Crowbar Collective did it with Black Mesa,and more weapons from half-life 1,cos it was the worst part of Blue Shift gameplay.


I don’t normally comment on stuff like this, but can people please think before they make comments/posts like this? It basically reads as:


Just doesn’t quite sit right. That’s not to say you actually meant it like that, but let’s focus on one major project at a time, ey? I’m sure Skyms doesn’t want to be told he should make OP4 and Decay (when he more than likely, like us, doesn’t want to go near those) in a thread about his current enormous project, which is looking mighty fine, might I add.


But how skyms can say “No” to dr. Freeman himself?[sup] badly hidden sarcasm[/sup]


What you guys don’t realize is just because there are level shots DOESN’T mean the mod is complete, just means there is some level design done. There is usually a lot more work to do after that.


Example, back when we released this screenshot, 97% of the mod looked like this.

I don’t think he was insinuating the mod was basically done, though, just being an annoyance and volunteering him for a shitoad more work.

This I don’t understand. How come every time someone pops up with a cool-looking project, someone else pops up with “You should make this other cool thing!”? Like damn, if they wanted to make that that’s what they’d be making.
Skyms shows cool Blue Shift Screenshot: “You should make Op4!”
PSR Shows cool HC screenshot: "You should make Decay!
Juniez shows cool model: “You should make (insert complicated model)!”

You should open Google and learn how to make your own dream projects happen.


Guys don’t panic ,

I said it will be a good job to make decay and opposing force to completely convert the old half-life to an new one ! And i’m asking this from everyone who likes to create a game !

I’m trying to give him another Good Luck !

I am a programmer ,

But a single programmer cannot make a game himself !

Even the most simple games was created by more than 2 or 3 !


Crypt isn’t being literal. He doesn’t mean “literally go and make Opposing Force by yourself”. He means - if you really want someone to make Opposing Force, set up your own team. Don’t bug a guy who’s working hard on his own big (and free) project, by asking him to do MORE MORE MORE because you want him to. He’s making Blue Shift. He’s obviously making Blue Shift for a reason. If he wanted to make Opposing Force, he would have made Opposing Force. As Crypt said.

I know you probably intended it to be encouraging, which is why I was pretty soft in my reply. I’m just letting you know that it does not come across as encouraging for the content creator, at least in my experience. I don’t know how Skyms takes it personally, but as someone who gets a lot of this (YOU GUYS SHOULD MAKE OPPOSING FORCE!), I can tell you how I feel about it. Don’t talk about work he hasn’t done that you want him to do, talk about what he’s doing.

Anyway, enough of this thread getting off topic. Let that be the last word on this subject, please. This subject does not need to be pursued further, I will start deleting posts if this thread continues its derailment.


There is a long way to go as bkdale86 and Crypt mentioned.

I’ve been consolidating a lot of my level design and things with bkdale86 for a few months now and yeah, there is a cringe worthy amount of things left to be done.

I used to work on the OP4 remake, but my inspiration dies hard when all I had to design with was stock Half Life 2 stuff for years on end with bits and bobs here and there of custom content. A Blue Shift remake is so much easier for me as I have about 90% of the content right in front of me so artistic direction and design is so less frustrating and time consuming to work out.


Right, Blue shift isn’t nearly as new content-heavy as Op4.

You’re making good use of what BM does already have to offer. What we’ve seen looks great.


Yep. You’ve done a superb job from what i’ve seen of this. I’m definitely playing this once it comes out.


This has probably been asked before, but you have fixed/replaced that horrid barrel-detonator puzzle from the original game, right?


If that puzzle exists here as it did in Blue Shift I’m boycotting this mod.


Why do you feel the need to post that information here?


Oh… sorry. I’m not trying to be rude or anything. I’ll just show myself out.


Hey, I think that screenshot looks great.


Skyms, are you going to add the Area 3 Tram Exit location seen at the tram ride? Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean.


Let’s stop talking about making “Opposing forces” mod :expressionless:



If you think that the existence of a fan remake project for a game, means that no one else can attempt their own fan remake projects, then you need to reread This. :facepalm:


Yours Isn’t…

The Only One…


Let´s stop telling people what they can or cannot talk or do.


Please stay on topic this is Keith’s blue shift thread.