Black Mesa: Blueshift


I’m not dead, this isn’t dead either.

I’m just busy with other projects at the moment :slight_smile:


Will we see the new graphic features from the recent updates such as godrays and CSM and textures in your work?Also are you considering a close remake to original or a reimagination like Black Mesa(Surface Tension Uncut,On a Rail,Xen)?


Our update is out a week in beta you want to know if he has updated it use those features, give the man time…


at what stage of the project?


whether to wait for him at all?


I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this project was going to pan out to be any good, simply because I thought I was the only one who cared about environmental continuity with the canonical game and Insecurity was going to ignore it like everyone else.

However, coming back to the Moddb page after a couple of years… the new screenshots just blow me away. This mod already looks like it’s at main-game quality, and I cannot wait for more to be released.


As Admiral Sakai said, I really value the continuity. I don’t want to have three different Black Mesa Research Facilities with different assets each, it would just feel… wrong. It’s the main reason I’m so hyped for this while I’m having my doubts with Guard Duty for example.
Judging from the screenshots, this looks great so far! Just remember not to burn yourself out, take it slowly. I don’t mind waiting. Valve has taught me a lot regarding patience…


I’m hyped for Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty as well as for Insecurity.More HL-related content means more fun!Generally there won’t be serious differences between black mesa’s facility and OBM’s facility since in original games we rarely seen any locations from HL1.I’m only concerned about the first OBM chapter because we will lose significant detail if we will not see those recognizable mountains from original combined with BlackMesa’s skybox,and people which played only Black Mesa won’t feel those emotions that we had while playing the intro after HL1.In other cases their labs have the similar blue textures as Black Mesa,even the crates are similar and so on.Also it would be interesting to see their Xen,Lambda core.I love their HECU helmets,m4 model,sand textures and they will have their own workshop so we will be able to use Black Mesa’s models through it and OBM models in BlackMesa if you don’t like an original.


If you want to experience Black Mesa stuff, play Black Mesa mods. While we have made our own versions of a few small BM props and textures that our team wanted to have our own version of, nothing significant like set pieces, environments, etc. will be remade because we’d rather do it our own way. We want our own games here. There’s no continuity to break because our games are not Black Mesa. It’s unfair to cast doubt on us for wanting our own ideas, and frankly it just feels p. shitty when we try to do things our way and people just say “But that’s not how it was in Black Mesa,” like our work has no merit simply because CC got their ideas out first.

But this thread isn’t about GD or OBM, it’s about Skyms’s incredible work on Insecurity. And I gotta say the same for him; While continuity would be cool, judging by his work so far, if he chooses to toss anything out and do his own stuff, I’m sure it’ll turn out absolutely fantastic regardless. But there’s not really a whole lot of HL1 locations appearing in Blue Shift, is there? I can’t remember, I’ve only played it a time or two. If your experience is ruined because one or two areas didn’t look as they did in Black Mesa, you judge your games on bad criteria.


That’s right. And they’ll need a Freeman model for this project as he is present in all places shared with HL/Black Mesa.


This mod is still Working in progress ? isn’t dead ? :slight_smile:


Keith works for us now. We keep him pretty busy, as it goes. He’s not dead though, but I’m sure he’s more than capable of speaking for himself too if he wanted to post a project update.


That sounded sinister as shit.


That’s awesome. Talent like that belongs on the team.

Rather than offering him the illusion of free choice, they took the liberty of choosing for him.


Indeed it is true.

I have been gobbled and consumed by the Crowbar Collective overlords.


Still working on this however! I do want to finish it, just a matter of priorities at the moment.


Now you’re acquainted with the mysteries of Xen.


Keith’s mod will be ready when it is ready. Him having access to our unfinished Xen doesn’t exactly suddenly shoot his development all the way to --> finished. What’s the point of posting timeframe predictions in here that are informed by literally nothing? I’m sure Keith can tell you about if/when his mod will be finished, assuming he wants to.


Now that Xen will be finished by december, hopefully it won’t be long before we can play this great mod too :stuck_out_tongue:


Any news ??


Until Black Mesa is done, we won’t get any news, the creator skyms joined Crowbar collective, and is making the Xen part, so he doesn’t have time now for this mode.